Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Paper work to declutter

Before this world went crazy, my personal world was already crazy. This house is a rented one from the Governement. My ex-husband had been living in the one the was buying. Something unexpected happened and effectively he is not in this town anymore. Here's the thing inthis houethere were a lot of his/hers/theirs stuff. Thinking he was about to go travel there were things he had been saving up , purchashing and storing here [ the presumption w as that I had room.] So now I do have room. I've decluttered by the rubbish bin fulls. Each week more junk for several weeks of two peoples rubbish bins being used. To add to this are the drip feed process of going through receipts and creating the books that needed to be done as a basis for these books to balance upon. The idea apparently was "I have mimimalistic book work." Oh how true. further he wrote: "I know that you will correct them!" Well,thanks I think. No longer with the financial Taxrecord book work [ online] that was used in my ooast... a spread sheet was created. Refurnished, time altered here and there. Now the painful part. Working out what bankstatement goes to which purchase. Majoritiy of which has already been completed. It's the check off and correct that is interesting. Painfully so. In between all this came a rather large payment for a action to be taken in three years That target date is Jan 14th 2020n1nmadwh8chbanjsaccount. Eve with the riddles to solve the people within Australia need the blood systen will have the fuds tionight to pay a few ill incurerd this off. Funny thing is the idea of arriving in Texas holds great appeal. Yes the ideal would be Texas USA. There is another option. Texas is just up the road from a friends place. Althugh it says the straight through drive is between 16 to 18 hours [ allowing for daylight savings change of clocks] to get to Texs,,, lets be serious. Its more like six months to two years serious travel stops and glorious wide open night skys. In the mean time there are jobs at the house of Raymnds to do. Like ripping out and replacing nearly everything from stump refurbishment, to replacing roof tiles with tin cladding. Just waiting for some things to occur where this is made possible. Meanwhile marketing the smile campaign is my thing.

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