Sunday, 28 February 2021

Sort Out Short Term Itineraries


While the next few months have many days of study the habit to break was resting watching a video or two. Maybe .... 10.

That choice was changed last night.  The days was meant to be a study day. Very funny. The plus is that enough was enough. The battery was removed out of the phone.

This morning one post here was posted.  Now a few more are on the go. while not formally about travel there is a really interesting thing about mindset. 

Remove the fluff and glitzy distractions an get on with action taking.

Dreading the actual move of all this stuff into storage while traveling meant that the weekly payments would be the same as the rent I've been paying for 30 odd years.

With the owner of the houses son having the repair skills, friends and transport and needing house to reside in the opportunity has presented itself.
  • allows for the opportunity bring forward a practice sessional time away for myself.
    • someone to care for these two beautiful dogs we, the children's father and myself, looked after for the last 16 years.
      • Short day trips the dogs can come on. For instance there is a no dog zone in and around the dinosaur caves area. therefore over a couple of nights trip with the dogs the trip would probably arrive at Inverlock, play around the beech, walk around the town discovering things not seen before.  Then head to the east back around the free park camps until it was time to turn left and head back up the Strzelecki foothills and back home.  this too would take a few days camping

Examples of 4,000 km return to and from Churchill, Victoria travel

Inverlock  Vic

00:45 min drive time =>    84.63 km / 52.59   miles

Dinosaur Caves Paterson- Inverlock, Victoria   3996

 00:58 min drive time =>    93.09 km / 57.84 miles

Ararat, Vic

04 hours drive time   =>  363.72 km  / 226.0  miles

Batemans Bay NSW       

07 hours drive time   =>   609.86 km / 378.95 miles

Texas, Queensland

16 hours drive time   => 1544.20 km  / 833.3  miles

Thanks you to the Victoria (Australia) Distance Calculator and the simple easy to use three box prompt call to "Get Distance and Directions" 


There is the expected thing that you also know what tool is where. Plus what safety issued and instructions are there before you leave. However, that is another series of posts in this travel blog to check into and write for this involves photographs and videos to create.

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Maintenance And Top Ups

 With the vehicle, you drive daily maintenance and top-ups are necessary.   

  • You get up and you check.  
  • You drive and you check.  
  • At night guess what you do.... that's right you check. 
  • There' the weekly routine checklist and the monthly one as well.  
All these impacts on the travel time. Add the weather, your health, and well-being along with road conditions and seasonal fluctuations. 

In 2020 the 4x4 Discovery had a two-way choice with repairs. Fix this and that's when the gearbox gets maintained. Or vice versa.

The this and that's got fixed by replacing the original, very worn parts. Now that that is done the cautionary note is to come back every 4,000 km.

Must admit hearing that rumble sure made the smile grow.

With this gradually getting sorted with the owner of the house around the corner as it means that I have a place to stay between trips and maintenance of both house, garden, and office ... and the 4x4 discover maintenance

Saturday, 20 February 2021

Sort out Travel Mind mapping reveled step one priorities

Once a mindmap has been sorted out the section-by sectional report system break down is created. Im this residential situation mindmap listing 1 is here for further work to be done

The mind goes over different places the eyes has seen.  Okay the mind says;  

  • Right now you are in Eastern  Victoria, Australia.
  • Realistically the cash flow is a trickle.
  • Thankfully the house you are overseeing has a tenant situation going through the land agent.
    • when this has progressed there are measures in place to revitalize the house after gutting the inside. Brining in an electrician to rewire.... make use of the soon to be no plasterboard inside while the extent of the cat pee smell is totally removed. 
    • Fix/replace the roof tiles.
    • Remove the 30 year Appletree at the side of the house.
    • Remove the overabundance of roof high blackberries.
    • While your at it redo the ceiling and replace the ceiling insulation.
    • Repair the leak between an internal walkway and wall.
      • Sure. Nothing to it! A whole new set of skills and exercises that you had though you would not need to know or learn at your age!
  • The house you are in turn renting has an over abundance of stuff to get rid of. 
    • Get more boxes from the Pharmacy in town. Include the pack up and sort out here with the move into the house as soon as you can.
    • Label every box
  • Removal of excess plants is already happening where you are. Keep going with the removal of the couch grass so basic maintenance is easily done
Well that's the two residences to sort out into one as soon as possible. The glorious thing is that our oldest son is needing a place to live. I need a place to store this stuff.  So to help pay what's left of the mortgage off... instead of paying for storage what is not used in that house will be in the half the house that will accommodate it. Actually more likely the lounge room and locked.

Although this storage idea went down like a tonne of bricks the house freehold thought progression was acceptable.

Basically this is the overall breakdown list from the before travel starts for real mindmap.  

Friday, 19 February 2021

Foster small Moments Today

 Just come back in from hanging out the washing on the clothesline.  The raindrops were spasmodic and cold.  then came the low boom of the clouds hanging together.

This morning as the dogs took me to town.. to post a letter to a friend without email facilities... yes these places still exist in and around Australia, these dogs were a little like ... come on the rain is coming.

The clouds had just that first small pinkish glow to them.

Now it's like..... where is there a spare single mattress.  The single mattress is enough for me to place between the internal arches of the mudguard in the Landrover Discovery 4x4 On the left and right of this area go the 4 camping boxes. At the foot area behind the front seats are the left and right containers.

What I wanted to do is just go somewhere for the night.  However, a year ago the dogs were given the spare single bed mattress, for sleeping on and I'm not going to share that one with them.

What was forgotten was the board near the front rail on the front porch.  Low and behold the answer to sleeping on the bumpy floor was a flat piece of long wood. Camp blankets on top. And sheet. Just in case this heat gets way too hot.

Again that got me thinking of traveling.  Just going to a different place once a week and staying overnight.

Sunday, 7 February 2021

Sort Out The 4x4 Discovery


When a friend outright asked "Why don't you just go away for the night?" The immediate response was " because.....[nothing]"

The brain was sorting out the reasons "why not!" to overlay these with "Hey! do this for now."
  • The vehicle has two major things to get sorted out.
    • The leak somewhere near the radiator out hose.
    • The gear box is in need of a general maintenance overhaul.
      • While saving for this travel no more than 5,000 return.
  • What goes into the vehicle
    • tools wise
    • personal items
    • camping wise
That's when the realization came where is the mattress that was spare..... oh the dogs sleep on it.
Right a new mattress is needed. That mattress will need to be cur o fir.  But wait... Clarks Rubber they have foam rubber that is able to be cut to size.

Cover that with a donna cover and there is a single person mattress 

Has to be a single person one as the tool boxes and and other boxes fit around this area perfectly.

From this the trailer is to be sorted out. But that's another series of posts as only one of the five trailers is registered and which one that is to look at is beyond me at the moment.

Monday, 1 February 2021

Travel And Keep Up To Date With Technology

Australia is a huge continent.  Naturally there is a lot to see, do, be aware of.  One pressing thing is to be able to earn as you learn about the country.  To share this information with others.

Now that's an amazing idea.  especially within the remote areas.

Yet to travel with such a huge internet and computer set up is far beyond many peoples wildest thoughts.

Not mine though. The solution presented itself nearly three years ago.

 Just wrote a message to a fellow would be travelling person.


One step closer to remote computer usage happens when 14 becomes vacant.  The ex woodworking shed is set up a a service provider area.\

Complete with a computer updated to suit.

Feels terrific to know this is now going ahead.  


A few years ago  the idea came from a computer repairer and technical support person.  Add a server to the computer back up.  that way the capacity of storage far exceeded what I had then. 8 GB.  Okay not a problem was the laughing response.

The computer works due to his skills. Plus the external laptop hard drives.

Now time is getting nearer and nearer for this house content to move round the corner.

There's that shed out the back.  Its a small one.  Great to work there. Just go outside and lock the door.

When your not physically there know that the technician will have the keys to get in and service the equipment there. 

Additionally check the dust covers. Close and lock up again any equipment.  Not that much will be left behind as many devices are lightweight and very transportable.

Yes! Australia is a very large continent. Access to anything is literally data connected. Finger tip controlled.


When you have travelled extensively pre internet the realization of just how far things that were once solid and basic were.  These are no longer. That freedom to travel is still connected to an energy source.

The energy source needs enough space to have spare space.  Needs to be self financing. Plus be maintained.

Keep up to date with technology and its uses is a link into that ability to have  the  financial future knocking at the door today.

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Just Create a list of 101+ outcomes . Typically include everything. Even things that somehow are to fit into that list.  When physically  me...