Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Maintenance And Top Ups

 With the vehicle, you drive daily maintenance and top-ups are necessary.   

  • You get up and you check.  
  • You drive and you check.  
  • At night guess what you do.... that's right you check. 
  • There' the weekly routine checklist and the monthly one as well.  
All these impacts on the travel time. Add the weather, your health, and well-being along with road conditions and seasonal fluctuations. 

In 2020 the 4x4 Discovery had a two-way choice with repairs. Fix this and that's when the gearbox gets maintained. Or vice versa.

The this and that's got fixed by replacing the original, very worn parts. Now that that is done the cautionary note is to come back every 4,000 km.

Must admit hearing that rumble sure made the smile grow.

With this gradually getting sorted with the owner of the house around the corner as it means that I have a place to stay between trips and maintenance of both house, garden, and office ... and the 4x4 discover maintenance

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