Sunday, 7 February 2021

Sort Out The 4x4 Discovery


When a friend outright asked "Why don't you just go away for the night?" The immediate response was " because.....[nothing]"

The brain was sorting out the reasons "why not!" to overlay these with "Hey! do this for now."
  • The vehicle has two major things to get sorted out.
    • The leak somewhere near the radiator out hose.
    • The gear box is in need of a general maintenance overhaul.
      • While saving for this travel no more than 5,000 return.
  • What goes into the vehicle
    • tools wise
    • personal items
    • camping wise
That's when the realization came where is the mattress that was spare..... oh the dogs sleep on it.
Right a new mattress is needed. That mattress will need to be cur o fir.  But wait... Clarks Rubber they have foam rubber that is able to be cut to size.

Cover that with a donna cover and there is a single person mattress 

Has to be a single person one as the tool boxes and and other boxes fit around this area perfectly.

From this the trailer is to be sorted out. But that's another series of posts as only one of the five trailers is registered and which one that is to look at is beyond me at the moment.

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