Monday, 1 February 2021

Travel And Keep Up To Date With Technology

Australia is a huge continent.  Naturally there is a lot to see, do, be aware of.  One pressing thing is to be able to earn as you learn about the country.  To share this information with others.

Now that's an amazing idea.  especially within the remote areas.

Yet to travel with such a huge internet and computer set up is far beyond many peoples wildest thoughts.

Not mine though. The solution presented itself nearly three years ago.

 Just wrote a message to a fellow would be travelling person.


One step closer to remote computer usage happens when 14 becomes vacant.  The ex woodworking shed is set up a a service provider area.\

Complete with a computer updated to suit.

Feels terrific to know this is now going ahead.  


A few years ago  the idea came from a computer repairer and technical support person.  Add a server to the computer back up.  that way the capacity of storage far exceeded what I had then. 8 GB.  Okay not a problem was the laughing response.

The computer works due to his skills. Plus the external laptop hard drives.

Now time is getting nearer and nearer for this house content to move round the corner.

There's that shed out the back.  Its a small one.  Great to work there. Just go outside and lock the door.

When your not physically there know that the technician will have the keys to get in and service the equipment there. 

Additionally check the dust covers. Close and lock up again any equipment.  Not that much will be left behind as many devices are lightweight and very transportable.

Yes! Australia is a very large continent. Access to anything is literally data connected. Finger tip controlled.


When you have travelled extensively pre internet the realization of just how far things that were once solid and basic were.  These are no longer. That freedom to travel is still connected to an energy source.

The energy source needs enough space to have spare space.  Needs to be self financing. Plus be maintained.

Keep up to date with technology and its uses is a link into that ability to have  the  financial future knocking at the door today.

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