Friday, 19 February 2021

Foster small Moments Today

 Just come back in from hanging out the washing on the clothesline.  The raindrops were spasmodic and cold.  then came the low boom of the clouds hanging together.

This morning as the dogs took me to town.. to post a letter to a friend without email facilities... yes these places still exist in and around Australia, these dogs were a little like ... come on the rain is coming.

The clouds had just that first small pinkish glow to them.

Now it's like..... where is there a spare single mattress.  The single mattress is enough for me to place between the internal arches of the mudguard in the Landrover Discovery 4x4 On the left and right of this area go the 4 camping boxes. At the foot area behind the front seats are the left and right containers.

What I wanted to do is just go somewhere for the night.  However, a year ago the dogs were given the spare single bed mattress, for sleeping on and I'm not going to share that one with them.

What was forgotten was the board near the front rail on the front porch.  Low and behold the answer to sleeping on the bumpy floor was a flat piece of long wood. Camp blankets on top. And sheet. Just in case this heat gets way too hot.

Again that got me thinking of traveling.  Just going to a different place once a week and staying overnight.

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