Monday, 13 October 2014

Right Now Organize The Trips You Make

You will make it won't you! 

Oh great. Just thrown in the deep end and head to Sydney and three months time. Attend a Momentum Day. What is a momentum day! That question yet to be asked.

Heck there was yet to come all the bits to organize.  Yet such was the trust that out of the mouth confidently comes  "Yes. Will you be there?"

The video has a note. "Little girls who dream become woman of vision.  A quote said when a State girl Guide Leader challenged all the Girl Guides of Victoria to out think the other states with how the innovative changes would affect every member.

Changes thought out it turned out into the smallest, microscopic little thing.  So many dot points bunched into small groups.  Branching between that one and bigger community access points.  Yet all coming under one name: Change.

change that year was a challenge.  Finances. Vision. Place to stay: Vision it. Activities : Vision it.

Along with a humble apology from the person who actually put forward the challenge in the first place.  sometimes there are reasons why even the best people may organize the trips you make that inspire you for your future.  That future may change radically. But what ever happens you will have changed.

Life is not static. static is stationary. Life moved with the electrified ebb and flow that pushes each person forward. 

Right now organize the trip[s you make so that there is a life challenge to be met - and rise up to meet that challenge.


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