Saturday, 20 February 2021

Sort out Travel Mind mapping reveled step one priorities

Once a mindmap has been sorted out the section-by sectional report system break down is created. Im this residential situation mindmap listing 1 is here for further work to be done

The mind goes over different places the eyes has seen.  Okay the mind says;  

  • Right now you are in Eastern  Victoria, Australia.
  • Realistically the cash flow is a trickle.
  • Thankfully the house you are overseeing has a tenant situation going through the land agent.
    • when this has progressed there are measures in place to revitalize the house after gutting the inside. Brining in an electrician to rewire.... make use of the soon to be no plasterboard inside while the extent of the cat pee smell is totally removed. 
    • Fix/replace the roof tiles.
    • Remove the 30 year Appletree at the side of the house.
    • Remove the overabundance of roof high blackberries.
    • While your at it redo the ceiling and replace the ceiling insulation.
    • Repair the leak between an internal walkway and wall.
      • Sure. Nothing to it! A whole new set of skills and exercises that you had though you would not need to know or learn at your age!
  • The house you are in turn renting has an over abundance of stuff to get rid of. 
    • Get more boxes from the Pharmacy in town. Include the pack up and sort out here with the move into the house as soon as you can.
    • Label every box
  • Removal of excess plants is already happening where you are. Keep going with the removal of the couch grass so basic maintenance is easily done
Well that's the two residences to sort out into one as soon as possible. The glorious thing is that our oldest son is needing a place to live. I need a place to store this stuff.  So to help pay what's left of the mortgage off... instead of paying for storage what is not used in that house will be in the half the house that will accommodate it. Actually more likely the lounge room and locked.

Although this storage idea went down like a tonne of bricks the house freehold thought progression was acceptable.

Basically this is the overall breakdown list from the before travel starts for real mindmap.  

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