Sunday, 28 February 2021

Sort Out Short Term Itineraries


While the next few months have many days of study the habit to break was resting watching a video or two. Maybe .... 10.

That choice was changed last night.  The days was meant to be a study day. Very funny. The plus is that enough was enough. The battery was removed out of the phone.

This morning one post here was posted.  Now a few more are on the go. while not formally about travel there is a really interesting thing about mindset. 

Remove the fluff and glitzy distractions an get on with action taking.

Dreading the actual move of all this stuff into storage while traveling meant that the weekly payments would be the same as the rent I've been paying for 30 odd years.

With the owner of the houses son having the repair skills, friends and transport and needing house to reside in the opportunity has presented itself.
  • allows for the opportunity bring forward a practice sessional time away for myself.
    • someone to care for these two beautiful dogs we, the children's father and myself, looked after for the last 16 years.
      • Short day trips the dogs can come on. For instance there is a no dog zone in and around the dinosaur caves area. therefore over a couple of nights trip with the dogs the trip would probably arrive at Inverlock, play around the beech, walk around the town discovering things not seen before.  Then head to the east back around the free park camps until it was time to turn left and head back up the Strzelecki foothills and back home.  this too would take a few days camping

Examples of 4,000 km return to and from Churchill, Victoria travel

Inverlock  Vic

00:45 min drive time =>    84.63 km / 52.59   miles

Dinosaur Caves Paterson- Inverlock, Victoria   3996

 00:58 min drive time =>    93.09 km / 57.84 miles

Ararat, Vic

04 hours drive time   =>  363.72 km  / 226.0  miles

Batemans Bay NSW       

07 hours drive time   =>   609.86 km / 378.95 miles

Texas, Queensland

16 hours drive time   => 1544.20 km  / 833.3  miles

Thanks you to the Victoria (Australia) Distance Calculator and the simple easy to use three box prompt call to "Get Distance and Directions" 


There is the expected thing that you also know what tool is where. Plus what safety issued and instructions are there before you leave. However, that is another series of posts in this travel blog to check into and write for this involves photographs and videos to create.

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