Friday, 2 April 2021

Bring On The Packing Box's

 There is a house around the corner that has a tenant moving out. That house needs a lot of repair work.  What a saga. While the owner is away the tenant.... what a saga.

Suffice to say there now is a lot of repairs to be started, let alone get completed for the next live-in' to occur. 

There is one good outcome.  The offer to store the stuff from this rented property in-part that property while the necessary repairs are done.

As it happens there is a chemist that assists moving people.  The packing boxes are placed outside.  Please take them as it helps keep the recycling into the rubbish tips down.

There is an added bonus of not having to dust things stored actually in the boxes. Extra advantages include things being sorted, downsized, reduced, and yes -turfed.  Rubbished binned is a huge advantage that being packed over time allows for.

Done over time the excess just becomes 'gone.' Every year there has been a declutter happens as summer enters into Autumn.

Looks like this 2021 year is another month of full rubbish bins happening. 

The outside 2021 decluttering started six weeks ago when the realization that I no longer wanted, nor needed, to be here. In this town or rented house of 30 years. 

Today the carpet that was found on top of a metal lid was partly removed. The other half of this is literally been built over by fences about twenty years ago. Plants of thirty years are gradually coming out. Roots and all. Being green waste binned.

Definitely, it's time for summer clothes that no longer fit to go and be recycled. Only those that fit get packed. The terrific thing here is there is a family nearby that appreciates these clothes. Therefore life is made easier there too.

Furniture on the roadside has a tendency of disappearing overnight as well.

Oh, I love this decluttering phase in the year.  People are so used to the autumn throwouts.  Just bring on the packing boxes folks.

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