Thursday, 8 April 2021

Cutting Out The Blackberry

 Careful when the feet land on the property around the corner.  

Horribly there is a huge growth of blackberries that have never been there in thirty years.  These blackberries are higher than the roof guttering.

The easiest way to get these down just gets in there and get them down...manually.  One step at a time.  Unfortunately anytime there is blackberry you have to get rid of the root base. That means poisoning the ground in and around the blackberry area.  

Guess what. This is where the concreating in the backyard is going to be really handy.

The challenge is that while maintenance thing slows the travel plans down there are advantages.

For a start, there is a trailer that is about to get converted into what is needed to travel with. During which time I'll have to think seriously about learning to back a trailer. where before the thinking was I need someone to help because of the driveway here.... the dive way there is drive up and turn around.  Whippee for concrete.

Additionally, there are a lot of car parks to practice in at night. Noone round and good lighting. A very pleasant break from curring out the blackberry.

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