Monday, 31 May 2021

Insight to when to move on from that attachment

When your world around you seems to stop 

Then go haywire. Plans change. People alter their minds. Change their tune.

Little things nag at your mind.

The solution is simple 

Call them out without their knowledge. Examples are people that you meet. get along with yet are not free in their truths.

Examples... you believe that they are singe. Then you find they have a partner.  A work partner.  Then a little down the road that partner becomes a 'live in the same house" but they are just helping them out.

About now there are alarm bells ringing. Loud and clear.  

You bump into them down the road

Engage in general conversation.  You return the kindness shown. Yet something is gut feeling just not right.

Long story short this kind of relationship build has a cycle of about six weeks. Should you make it through that six weeks good for you.  The reason for this attitude is simple.

By now you've gone through the systematic wow they are fantastic.  Then through the something is not right.  Through now into the what is wrong with me.... only to realize you have the upper hand.  They have started tripping over their own feet. 

They now need you more than you actually need them.  

People all around the world need someone who is perfect. After a few weeks that Wow factor of theirs dims. You are not perfect.  You know that. So what. Who is perfect?

That perfection attempt now comes with 

a bank account... [yours] attached t it.

Often it's an attempt to move you from one platform onto another. report and then block.  Don't make a threat.... just do. The person has already skimmed your connections and is waiting for your bank account information.  That comes anytime you make a "Yes" statement.  Wait a few weeks and some piddly amount will try to be taken out of your bank account. Be forewarned... inform the bank today.  Not tomorrow or next week.  You could be stuck in an area that needs your card and what you've earned, saved or squared away .... not there anymore.

Technology is fantastic...

You move to another place on your trip.  Take photos, write articles. Snap write and create the necessary post. Auto publishes for another time frame and date. Voila.

Say good morning and good night.  A little idle chit-chat.... leave the story and descriptions behind where you truly are, or what has happened to you for everyone to read. Better there, on a blog or vlog, podcast or article.... than in someone 100% supremacist/ psychopathic or just narcissistic mind. 

Oh, and when they make mention of things in their lives... 

But I told you I have a partner.... much to your shock when they said this .... then they quantify that statement with 'no not a lover..or it's complicated etc.'  Take heed of these alarm bells.  These are the ones that they will trip over. Satisfy their ego if you will.  but know what you have given out is not what and who you are.

Their sad little minds are devoid of logic and the emotions that your needing to find fulfillment with.

The time you move on is now.

Carry on down the pathway you may as well make you're traveling a terrific trip with the skills of communication they have opened up inside you.

Unfortunately, there are so many travelers who get stuck in the need of someone else's 100% perfect world.

The world out there is not perfect. 

There is beauty in the broken scenery. The whoosh of the water. The trickle of the streams. The drip of the raindrop The splash of you wading through the streams. 

That click of the record button. Video or photo. Podcasts. Even a phone back home to an elderly relative.

Take heed from the professional travelers.  

Professional travelers post well after they have left an area. What is posted is professional to the best of their skills and ability.  Often via a public library internet service. Ready to download into the system from a stick. 

Then the stick discarded after the contents deleted

Take care in all your travels.

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