Wednesday, 31 March 2021

When to reach out for family, and if need be Governmental help.

The house at number 14 is now tenant free.  Judging by reports there will not be a pretty site.

From the roadway it seems like there is massive amounts of cleaning up outside to do.

Needs must as the family member needs a place to stay. Luckily the Government has realised that so many people have relatives who have houses. The Government also have facilities to accommodate the tenants under their care.

Which effectively means those with houses, or realities with houses, who themselves have lost everything, livelihood, accommodation and yet to be within the Government system could end up homeless.  Struggling to move back up into employment circles.

This is what happened to a family member, and later also a family friend. So once again between my mother and I we expanded the bounds of care commitment.

Took a while to realise that there were many layers of God's plan yet to show themselves, let alone to unravel over the following few years.

Looking backwards so much has been shown, and yet to be shown that things just constantly bring you to a point of near frustration. Something happens. You literally stop in your tracks at some point and go... All in Gods plan.

And yes it is fair to say that am I lucky not to be the one in charge and just hand ball it all God's way.  God may "Subdue the nations before Him" KJV 1959 CH 45 : v1  there is care of this property , the people and animals within, plus the plants.

What is more through out life there are the smiles from within to share.  "Susan, off on adventure", is a big part of the A Smile 4 You. Today so many people feel trapped, lost and, or unaccepting of the life hand that has played them. 

Within the next moment did you wonder if

  • Laugh at something so ridiculous.
  • Frown at such an impossibility?
  • Feel that there is still a spark of hope!
Or were you the person who suddenly realised you smiled. That you needed a daily top up of smiles.

Something that you could get to like, share and even enjoy the comments people have made.  

Maybe even grow your own smile and stretch the facial muscles daily.   

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