Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Been a While

 Its been a while since the fingers hit this keyboard.

As preparations to travel there have been things to actually achieve.  Some of which brought surprises.*     * New friends have been made.

    * Different house has been moved into.

    * Interestingly family ties and relationships have begun to sort themselves out. 

    * Previous peoples tricks along with mindset warps have started to unravel.

    * The Garden is about to be left behind.

But, and this is important to the travel plans, the vehicle works. 

At the time of writing this the lounge room here is about to be taken over as a temporary bedroom as a man who is in need of a room is to arrive with in a week. 

What is happening is the search for something that is elusively so simple.

Come on, open the emails, join in the fun of this search.

The aim is to start off with small one day trips around here.  Experience what is on hand. Right on this back door of Gippsland. A place of sea, mountains, flat land and gully's.  Rich fertile agricultural and and land where nothing was growing early 2020. As the land went up in fire.

The hunt is for a place to park. Have a picnic. Enjoy the view. Listen to the people.  Their stories. Their land. Their experiences as people who develop their patch of life on their time line.

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