Sunday, 29 August 2021

Exactly How Thick Is This Ivy

Continue the Ivy challenge

Who planted the Ivy

The Ivy has grown over the concrete that is laid down before a fence is placed there.  What is seen is the approximately twenty-five-centimeter diameter of the trunk.  Basically, that's the only way to describe the main part of this Ivy experience.

  • Some of the branches are five centimeters thick.
  • The growth overwinter makes the Ivey approximately twice my height. So three to four meters

 The adventure today is to start the clearance of the back fence area behind the garage.  While doing that to think about where this would lead.

Ivy has some harmful effects on things nearby.

Indirectly the dense growth of the Ivy plant on a tree may cause indirect damage.  Even nothing this there are no trees meant to be growing in that meter and a half between the fence and walls of the garage.  That was challenge number one.

That the ivy had crept over the concrete area and up and under the metal sheds wall was disturbing.

Thirdly the back of the shed's concrete is mossy as water is trapped between the surface root-running ever branching out Ivy.


Three hours later

With the pile of ivy leaves down from the higher than I am high. Added to this the green waste bins are already full of climbing flowering vines and dead blackberry from the driveway side fence not quite finished maintenance job.


The worm farm has new tenants

Needless to say, the dirt between everything had worms growing quite well. The worms have found themselves rehoused in the worm farm. Suddenly the worm farm has grown in population.

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