Saturday, 21 August 2021

Isolation In A Back Yard Garden


People are curious creatures. As they learn things their memory banks derive, style and taste from influences that are broad, decisive, and far-reaching.  Then they smile at the adventures they remember - but may forget to share.

Before computers Television began to show people's differences. Before Television was the radio and the Television.  

Some people got to travel the world while others stayed nearby, or free-ranged within their communities.

Still, others chose to remain away from other people, buildings, or places. People thought this was an odd way of living ... to choose to be among the things you were comfortable with. Even with computers and other digital devices the isolation still exists. There is a huge difference though.

That difference is how, and why, the person chooses to remain out of circulation. Where they are and what they are doing to move forward.  In between the lockdowns people do still move out of one area and into another. Here though the three of us moved literally sixty seconds around the corner.  

To leave a rental home of thirty years was a challenge. What we entered into was a property that had had zero maintenance in over three years. . The noxious weeds were rife everywhere. The house took a few weeks to clean out and wash everything down. 

Longer to get rid of the rubbish left behind. The owner representative wanted to cry. There was no need for this house and yard to have got this bad.

Anyway, we are here now. The slow realization of limited travel adventures has given away to the adventures of setting up another house into a home. Inside and out. 

The financial choice was to do as much as possible by ourselves. Second, to this was to take notes of creative progress actions. Others may be in the same boat where they are looking for something positive to do during lockdown isolation be the lockdown be financial-based, health and welfare-based.... or looking after an elderly, yet still active relative.

Over the last few months, a small raised garden be had the couch grass dugout. The blackberry was removed.

Half meter vertical garden of about one-third wide a meter wide that has had quite a few years of neglected tanbark sitting there.

With the compost that was turned the other day this top part had a near full wheelbarrow of fill go across the top. That was watered well. Then left to soak every piece of water up.

Several hours later the garden fork was used to mix the old with the compost. Couch grassroots were pulled out as they were trying hard to restart growth. It is spring after all.

Spring means rainfall. Some now, some in five minutes' time. Everything to get wet and dry within the space of ten minutes.

During which time the corn, chervil, and green bean seedlings were planted in small holes of bagged soil. Just in case the compost was 'too' fresh and burnt the seedling's rootstock.

It's about that time the thought about the companion planting registered. You hear a lot about people stuck in nursing homes going back into their family environment. Virtually the activities taken up are learned somewhere in the past.  Refreshed trigger points open up peepholes of joy, wonder, laughter, and smiles.

But while new friends love to swap stories, adventures, and parts of their lives, older friends in the circles wander away.

So with those stories written down and shared in logically creative older friends, family and newbies can \keep up to date, or catch up, mindsets trigger memories to bubble up.

What if a group of like-minded people read about your adventures.  Maybe something challenged you in your later life.  Could be sharing these memories are important to other people.

Give it a go.  Come on in and read a few 

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