Wednesday, 25 August 2021

It's really amazing what rubbish day does

Weekly routine and the seasons come and go, yet it's really amazing what rubbish day does to people! At first, once the vision is revealed organised sorting out who does what, when and how fights for supremacy. 

Kayoass, mess and rubbish seem to creep in in a take overbid.  Add cleaning out two houses. The one you are about to move into, while you pack and clean up the other house.  

Keep good friends close

An amazing friend simply stated, " Look at the possibilities. This house is full of posibilities."

That was the moment where the vision for this property roared to be heard. That vision fought to be heard.

Make this vision happen

Soon enough may have seemed impossible turns into doable.  'Done' is another thing that got ticked off the to-do list.

Three months have gone by. Early spring showers have brightly encouraged the day forward.  During which several 'jobs' around the yard have merged.

The rubbish day pickup was incredible.

Early evening last night the green waste rubbish bins went out.  Five friends leant rubbish bins. Now, these were full to overflowing - way over the brim.  

Three with ivy from the back fence, and two with creeper vine from the driveway fence.

Thus the predawn morning was already full of activity

These two old dogs went on an hour walk.  Seems Boof's eyesight gets him 'lost' and looking for you. Walk back and find where he has wondered too. Sox - well it's his hearing that he has trouble with.

Reunited as each finds the other and they are like puppies again. It's interesting to note how many times Sox calmed Boof down by just licking boofs eyes.  To do this Boof has to stand still.

Back home with time to tend to the garden beds

After the rubbish bins were in place up the driveway way there was a moment to weed some of the front area near the drives raised garden bed. Little weeds flying onto the concrete - for now.

Spoke to the neighbour when he was waiting for a bus. Yes to go ahead and use the space on the corner where his rubbish bin gets picked up.

Fabulous! Just need to physically get into the area between the square garden and his fence where the blackberries are.

That creeper on the fence

Having spent yesterday dislodging the backyard driveway fence creeper off the extended framework that's still in the neighbour's yard. The garage guttering roof is yet to receive attention re the vine roots inhabiting the space! 

Excited to see the rubbish bins empty. Yet the creeper still to go away is going to take weeks to get rid of. Patience is a virtue where lockdowns are happening.  

At least the creeper may get cut really into small pieces manually.  More fits into the rubbish bins that way

Worm farm needs

Earlier in the week, the worm farm had grassroots tossed into it. The grass went into the compost. Then the apple went in. 

Today the kitchen scraps were thrown into the Tumbleweed Can Of Worms. Curiosity about worms in the garden gets renewed in the weirdest of ways. There is a worm requirement learning to do.

The enclosed garden beds need attention again

Dig deeper once again. Keep digging.

There were lots of roots still in the soil. Along with a few from the trees that had to be removed earlier in the year.

Planting out the seedlings

During the break between lockdowns, a few punnets of seedlings were purchased.  Half found a home in the side garden bed.  Yes to spring rain, and the use of compost, as the green beans have doubled in size.

The garden beds in the courtyard are a different matter.  The kitchen onions have sprouted green leaves.  These and others are now in the garden next to the lounge window.  Along with marrows. Then some really little silverbeet seedlings mum has sprouted.

Research what plant likes what

As bad planning would have it marrows need good nourishing soil.  The marrow does not mind onions,

What is needed is a lot of cured compost in that soil as that area of soil is literally 'bare' of nutrients. Actually, this area of the gardens is bare of anything living in there.  There are weeds growing through -  which gives hope.

Compost is definitely called for in that area of the garden beds. So when it stops raining the remaining compost is going into the garden bed and is to be forked in - around the plants.

Sometime in amongst this

"Mum can you scan this and email it to me". Partially done. It will be an email after this post has been finished. 

Lunch with mum - after we had finished unpacking the car.

Oh, and the car registration is paid a month early... just in case, there is another lockdown.

Add the two phone calls that came in from friends struggling with aspects of their current family coping skills that are stretched to the limit.

This change of pace means getting things done

 Strange as it may seem there are a lot of hours to fill in during early springtime.  Sure to be off on an adventure around Australia should have been done years ago.  

Circumstances have created a different life. Flexible. Within boundaries that are imposed by the wider community governance.

Yet the three adults of three different generations, and two nineteen-year-old dogs, have a 'Make it happen.  Get it sorted, get it done life, for time is one day shorter now than yesterday.'

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