Thursday, 19 August 2021

Removing the Lilly from the Garage Guttering

Groan.  One would not believe it.  I certainly did not.  Yet this is what happened. 

That Lilly growing in the garage gutter is finally out.

Typically this job took ages to actually get done. From the time the Lilly was noticed to the time of the Lillies eviction from the garage gutters was nearly nine weeks. During that time there was discord between family members. 

We've all heard about it.  

You either have the money or do it yourself. That everyone has their own timetables and agendas. Additionally, every person has their own emotional cut-off points.

Therefore, that discord was something that may have been avoided had there been the finances already in the bank to cover the costs of gutter specialist payments.

Moving on to the actual Lilly removal

The evening was fast approaching. The helper was nearly about to go out. Once again the request was made for help with the ladder - carrying this time. The lady would do the rest herself. After all, the creeper on the fence was now too high for her to reach safely without a ladder. 

The helper did not have time to do two jobs.  When pinned down had about fifteen minutes. There were only about twenty minutes before it would be too much into this early spring dusk before the dark hit.

The decision was to 'Remove' the Lilly

When working with family there comes a time when you just cannot remind them too often. Once in a month of Sundays may be too often though.

The ladder was taken to the neighbor's house. The helper, being higher in height, was able to reach the Lilly.

Now came the fun part

With a base of about a foot, the Lilly was not going to give up easily.  Instead of coming out peacefully each section was "broken at the base" thrown down and pressure applied once again.  There were a few OOph's sounds that assisted the muttered thoughts.  More Lilly came tumbling downward.

To the question of do you have a pair of cutters, the Lilly finally started to give up hope of winning that residential argument. Leaving about the time the roots were coming up to 'number 14' is where the cutters were. Followed closely by the help walking down that drive with the ladder.

As it turned out the help had other plans for the evening. The cutters were for the Lilly and not the entangled climber also residing in the gutter!

Take the easy way out.... employ that professional

Something learned, yet not practiced yet, is to employ a professional. To give the professional written dot pointed instructions is not insulting.  Besides being absolutely clear about what you expect, 

  • The professional knows what to base their rate on. 
  • You know what it is you have requested to be done.
Both know by when that job will be completed and that you pay when you both get what you requested.

Utilizing friends and family

We all know that friends and family, as loverly as they are, do things according to their own timetable.

Yes, they also do things their way as well. 

Since you are the one asking them to help you have just placed yourself in a servitude position.

Lessons learned 

Look at the things you do online. Those times when it's been you alone doing something you have a passion for that passion grew. People were wanting to help you achieve it. Other's were just slowing you down. 

As soon as you categorized who was doing what your attention went to those who were assisting you having your vision rubbed off on them.  These people know where you were going.  Understood what it may take to get to the tipping point into success.

A prod in the right direction

Meanwhile, you needed something to let people know the next step.  How the past progresses were celebrated.  

This is where email is really handy your team members go forward with the knowledge, understanding, and even input.

Rounding off  the removal of the Lilly activity

Keeping in touch helps with more than just an e-newsletter that helps the team of doers stays centered on the job.

The trick to the whole "Number 14" transition has been people receiving their updates, sections finished, and hey, come for a BBQ or a meal all at the same time.

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