Tuesday, 28 September 2021

The Last Remaining Blackberry Vines

Happily move into each 'last' phase ... job done!
Surprisingly the last remaining blackberry vines are to be cut down at the base starting today. The major factor in completing this work was access.

Every day there is an adventure waiting for you to discover its whereabouts. Don't just ignore that risk that comes with the experience. 

This post deals with a hazardous task.  One that will not be without peril. Yet there is a thrill in the small crusade even with some precarious situations.

The small area concerned this deed will be done!

There is a six-foot fence on the left with a wire fence on the right. The gap between these fences may be two-foot-wide. Put it this way if the dog got into that space he could not back out easily.  

The space is small but its significance is that the square vegetable garden is on the other side.  This is the last remaining 'wild area' to sort out.

At the end of the passageway is the last shed to be reorganized.

These tools are needed.

  • A huge 'I Got You Now' smile.
  • The excitement of the winner attitude.
  • The phone in case of needing help.
  • Safety glasses, gloves, and boots.
  • A protective groundsheet on the garden bed next to the pruning area for the cut vines to land on.
  • A rubbish bin to rapidly place the cut into handling pieces vines in.
  • Oh, and poison as the vines are cut.
  • A stiff drink at the completion of the job.
    • In this case a cream bun and cuppa due to the celebrations factor
Replace where you are now with the finished look.
Entry was a wire fence thing that goes behind pot plants so that they may grow upwards a supported meter higher.  That was nailed to one side of the fence but tucked firmly behind the downward metal on the other side.  That wire support is now bowed.

Starting at the above head area then working downwards is the only way to make progress. 

Careful use of poison
 Two reasons to use the poison were
  • The berry roots are unable to be dug up as they are sprouting in the crevices of the concrete slabs.
  • There is an active eighty-five-year-old lady who resides here.  As she shuffles around a bit when walking as she is scared of falling over.  Even the smallest of blackberry growth is removed to make the backyard safe.  Mind you the grass in the crakes is pulled out and thus the compost grows.
Unfortunately, poison at the base is the only answer as progress forward is made.  There is just no safe room to use the pick in order to irradicate the base roots.

Why the do-it-yourself approach
Yes! life would have been easier if there was finance available sitting in the bank waiting to settle an account with some other avid adventurer.  However, why waste a good idea for the post that you are reading.

Off on adventure in your own backyard

One thing learned is that every day is an adventure. That when faced with what seems like an impossibility simply look at the possibilities.  Pick one of these positive outcomes. Dream it. Live the outcome. See the potential every working day. 

Very soon what seemed like a nightmare situation opens up to new potential situations that feed into new 'vision' aspects. This morning as the poisoning of blackberry shoots in deep crevices was happening once again the wireframe thing caught my eye.  That eye then went to the metal pole holding the frame upwards. There was no hook holding that in place.  But with a small amount of force....duly applied... the 'gate' opened.

Catch up to these adventures 
With House '14' sharing its journey to discover what Off On Adventure avenue opens, we know many people whose adventure dreams quickly turned into an alternative route pathway. 

To give courage, to step forward out of one venture into an altered future choice, both with the personal as well as the professional level. A level that helps you build a stronger connection with your audience.

Every adventure has a start somewhere

But most people miss out on both the fun and the horrors, mishaps. The quirky laughable things that happen as progress is planned altered, and reengineered. 

There is a kick added into this everyday backyard affairs waiting to be shared. Come and join in. We created the  Journey to discover on this adventure crusade where we include you as we tame the untamable into a viable pursuit of an alternative vision.

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