Wednesday, 1 September 2021

The Wooden Walk Way Is Now Not So Slippery

 It's a partial job done

As you check through this post remember one thing. That whatever you set out to do you'll learn from.

That said each experience along the way you have the ability to choose to change from. This post is the reflection of a choice that, although satisfying at the moment, literally flips around and could if you let it be blown all out of proportion to seem like a disaster had happened. 

The spirit of truth

Facing the sliding door entry of the built-in walkway is the hose connections. One leads to the outdoor shower. Switch it over and the garden hose works.

In this post, you will be lead through a day of gurney learning. Plus some probable maintenance of a gurney.

Each 'day' in the life of a garden is as full as you need it to be.  When you think it's only going to be an hour.... allow for a suggested minimum of three.  

Or as the case today five hours later...

Right now though certain actions have been taken. These actions resulted in some fairly funny moments. One is the realization you need to read instructions regarding the use of tools.

Fearless with the full story 

Often when you go to complete one job other things get in line to be dealt with.  By the end of the day
  • the hoses had been fixed.  
  • the outside shower is running.  
  • the apple tree wood restocked 
  • oops - overused the gurney 
  • more garden vegetables are planted
    • The garden zucchinis have bamboo tripods for climbing up.
    • More chervil has been planted.
  • more worms were found for the worm farm.
  •  corner garden now needs to be cleared one while pebble stone at a time - before digging out the remaining blackberry roots 
  • wooden pathway's moss was cleared away with the gurneys spray.
  • upper garden walkway area has been raked and swept. The pile was then added to the recycle bin. recycle bin and wheelbarrow moved outside the area and that area was swept.

The gurney had been overused

Guereys are terrific. The amount of slimy stuff that came off the walls, walkway, and pathway is incredible.

Pleasing is the fact that the time already spent making sure the draining works is a relief.  All the hours sorting out why the drains were sedentary have paid off.  

Even better is the ability to find a garden maintenance person for when away on a trip.

Tools: The use and replacement

Something for this poor little seldom used gurney to remember : 

  • The water hose was connected. 
  • The water was turned on. 
  • The switch was turned on.
  • Out came a small thread of water that hit the ground with normal hose power.
  • It's not a wheeled stretcher used for transporting people  Instead the Gurney was meant to keep on working after having a rest to cool the overheated motor off.

Everyone's so helpful today!

When your friend phones back the next and say that the local store has a sale on to replace the gurney at half price and that that sale finishes tomorrow your wanting to cry is useless. 

Then to rub you further up the just hop in the car and travel for an hour, use there's and bring the gurney back before tonight...

Truly this sure rubs you up the wrong way  

Although not as much as the person who has three gifted to them through moving people's household contents.... and the leftovers they get to clean up and out. Then there's the " will drop it off to you  ... for you only fifty dollars!"

Somehow that push forward that was successfully made becomes a real humdinger. Check the local area for a garden maintenance person. This way you are able to make your time have greater satisfaction.

Time to succeed at something else today

Know when to move onto something else. Now is not the time for downing chocolate bars, eating calorie-laden food. Nor jumping into a fast car. Nor is it energy release time for yelling at the top of the voice.

Your wooden walkway clearance itself has been an unfinished success. Add to this you're more aware of overheating challenges.

That piddly little stream of water reminds you of something

Yes, that little stream of water under pressure has annoyed you. As you contemplate that stream being like the interpreted income creation you've experienced today ask yourself where your priorities actually were today!

Tidy everything away. Leave everything to do with this exploration until the sun rises tomorrow.

Find something else to do for now.

Literally, tomorrow make a fresh start as you explore the options available to fix today's end result.

Leave in good cheer cause sometime soon this is a great story to share.  Better yet, you are just the right person to share the whole lot with friends, family, and other interested people who would love to come to the BarBee-Que come the first weekend in summer.

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  1. Thanks Susan. Yes indeed we learn from everything we do. Some sooner than others. Pat. xo


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