Monday, 30 August 2021

Supplies created from blackberries


People the world over either like, or will not stand for persuasive garden plants. Yet every herbal remedy under the sun was created from people foraging around in the wild plant areas. Noticing one plant reacted well in combatting some distress

The dormant stage has been left behind. Earlyish August the regrowth began to appear.  September is just around the corner leaving the next three months for eyeing up, and pulling out any unlucky germinated blackberry plants.

Admittedly these next few months and over summer it sure would be great to leave this adventurous aspect of taming the plant life at number "14" to a garden maintenance team.  Thus leaving time to do other things online. 

Ideas such as blackberry jam, blackberry cordial, tea, blackberry scones. Jelly made with blackberries. The lists of past treats go on and on.

Some people though will pay the greengrocers asking price yet remove the actual plant from their property.

That is what has happened at "number 14."  After three months of moving in, fixing up, and clearing out the property the blackberry that had grown so rampantly has just about gone. 

Gone: in one more rubbish bin laid on its side, stack fill up and get rid of as green waste rubish collection comes round.

Admittedly the small plants that poked their heads out of the concrete crevices have been 'watered well" with a poison.  Their roots are well under the concrete in and around this place.

Blackberry leaf for tea now will be snipped from the blackberries growing wild along walking tracks.

The thing is this is a countryside that has snakes already hatching from their eggs. As seen on the walk last week.  That leaves a question. about picking blackberries in august the thickets when walking alone exercising these old dogs.

It's the decision you make when you want something both ways.  Do one via the already commercial and social pathways. Do the other for your recreational pursuits.

Markets, or your friendly greengrocer, are a terrific place for blackberries.  Fresh or year-round frozen variety. 

Although the open-air exercise pleasure may have dropped the time for the family factor could well increase.

To find out more of what there is to supplies created from blackberries add you're nake to receive the updates.

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