Thursday, 30 September 2021

The Picnic Table Dinner At Number 14

 Laughter, conversation and even just being in the presence of another person these days is at times hard to comprehend. Much of the interaction between people has been culturally altered.  Cyber age communication through the net is how people generally are bring reshaped to communitate.  

Cyber-age communication just needs a microchip the size of a #3 led pencil head, really simple to insert into human flesh.  People don't yet comprehend the depths that it takes for others to do this to them. 

Humans though were different.  Instead of a bleep. Process. Bleep Bleep.  What we had was something communal.

As children, it may have been a toy past around the circle.  Those who had the toy had the turn to speak their piece.  Plus the right to have been listened to. 

Here at 'number 14'  under all the passion fruit vines and giant blackberry growing wildly was a treasure waiting to uncover. 

The picnic table, and three chairs, was just sitting there.  Three days later the whole lot was finally released from the confines of meters thick over-zealous plant life.

Trailor loads of plant life were waded through until finally a walkway was created.  That walkway expanded right through the backyard. 

There is an amazing feeling when clothes and sheets are able to be hung on the clothesline through the overgrowth.  Months went by.  Different jobs were completed.  More progress forward every single day.

Out of sheer frustration, the chairs and table were moved. Wood, metal, and hoses were dumped between the table and the garage walls. More clearance of overgrowth occurred.

The world as you know it stops still

Then one day, to come out and see your mother sitting on the chair knitting a sock, that an impact.

You know those moments when the mind goes and takes a stocktake on progress. It was one of those moments. The time for a cuppa moment. Dinner was brought out as well.  As the sun went down the laughter, joy and happiness were dancing around the air.  So too were the suggestions of how to make this concrete space beautiful, peaceful, and really like an oasis in amongst the concrete.

Look around the area and take it all in

What started out as three chairs and a glass tabletop table... somewhere under all that overgrown passionfruit plant and blackberries now sits no more than three meters away.  This time on concrete as there is less than a clothesline worth of green grass to mow. 

Roughly in the middle of the old for parts 4x wheel drive,  The garage, The office.  Plant prep area, The bungalow, and whatever grass lies under the clothesline.

A whole new look started quietly

From the carport, you get to see the shrubs and some fruit trees that are in big planting pots. In what would be spaces between the fruit trees and shrubs are flowers in pots.  Basically herbs of all sorts. This admittedly does include the muti layered, lightly smelling, thirty-year-old white rose, and the elderberry plant.

New plants, more peat, and tanbark for the larger pots. Add the fruit trees [yet to be purchased]. grow the herbs in smaller plant pots.

Now that the odds and sods wood, metal, and the spare hose parts have homes this area has been rearranged into an open but soon to be a semi-secluded place of peace.

It's five months from move-in time. 

The hours of hard work, as well as the tingle of pride, accompanies something really beautiful.

You know that sense of achievement when you sit down and just relax. The evening sun s is not quite at the roofline yet.  There is time to finish the potato salad, Avacado, spring onion, and the touch of purple onion mixed together with mayonnaise. Plus the thinly cut lettuce.  

Add the cooler precooked chicken from the bowl and incomes laughter, smiles, plus chuckles as to the day's events being told.

Catch up here

It's the sense of achievement. The hard work and frustrations and the ability to share these stories in order to showcase a project from the frustrations and small decisions that wait for you to enjoy.

This link takes you through into the project of number 14.  Enjoy the story behind the dinner at the picnic table.

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