Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Beat the Ivy before the spring growth startles you

Laugh when no one else can share the irony of life you are experiencing.

The following post is about the simple cutting down of an ivy plant that grew nearly two meters taller than the fence line.

What started off with someone planting four ivy plants probably twenty-five years ago had become a strangely pretty nightmare.

The result is over a six-week period that ivy has rendered into ten recycle bins worth of green rubbish of collection bins.  Then every second week these very full bins are scattered between friends' and neighbors' places for collection. 

Even with this amount of Ivy chopped down into the recycle bins, there is still more to do. As a clue one of the trunks is over 25 cm in width. That ivy straddles both sides of the concrete sleeper. So far the other Ivy plants are smaller. 

The challenge will be the dogs on both sides of the fence. The simple reason is the poison that must be applied by the end of the job.  

Sometimes when a challenge presents itself you make a decision, then have to rechoose and change direction.  Friendships change staus.  Other friendships grow in strength..  People your age see you struggling to connect to a grown adult child of yours.  You may have helped them in their past.  All you have to do is ask for help.  Then let things be.

With a vision, things get tacky when others are dealing with their stuff. Timetables clash and crash. 

On this day the carport had to be cleaned out of 'stuff' that had ended up there left from the move in.  Especially as there was now a long strong bench to place the seedlings in pots. There was now an area to sit in the sun just enjoying the early spring sunshine while having a cuppa tea or coffee.

With the bigger shrubs growing in large pots surrounding this table soon there will be leaves on the deciduous ones.  Next will be the Mandarin trees in posts also around the table. 

After moving the cars behind the gate.

To do this you nedd

Sometimes when life throughs you a curveball it's time to open up to something else that's familiar. In this case for that small step to happen all it takes is a click of the finger.  

Come on in as there are ways to get through the 'now' times.  This way is through stepping into someone else's story

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