Monday, 13 December 2021

When things fall out of the sky

Many years ago what was seen as a clear view of the dark sky.

There was just nothing there.  No stars, rainbows, or even landscaped gardens.

The party was way back in the house somewhere along the beach.  Where the music was wafting around the waves as they lapped on the sure.

Just sitting thinking. Time of course moves on.

That was way back in 76.  When the nights were black as spade and clear as night!

Then a strange thing happened.  It was as though there were stars falling down.

Took many years until someone important to the situation mentioned something that had happened to them.

 Now it seems there was a plan.  Only one of those downing stars carried on course.  Over half a day later they, the man and the rescued child, landed.

Sometimes, on a lonely lovely night, when the sky is darker than dark should ever be, the wondering starts again.

Cheers and thank you for wondering 

1 comment:

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