Wednesday, 16 February 2022

Butterflies Are Amazing

Before you get lost in a garden, a park, or just a spring field know that butterflies are amazing.  Some people even make mandellas or metal reflective twirly things.

Butterflies Are Amazing
The vegetable garden here is based on a small piece of dirt. Literally around the edge of the side and front area.

Yet with the ten-foot fences, those little white butterflies found a way in.

Rough time in the garden all of a sudden. Great fun when watering the garden though they tend to weave in and around the water cascading around them.

One of the things with the family moving on is the garden with at least a hundred tomatoes nearly ready to pick and winter coming on.

Something that the dehydrator has now taken to being active again.  Parsley is the next thing to be dehydrated.

Easier to travel with than frozen foods.  So it's now starting time to get things done.  Slowly packaging nuts, berries and vegetables are like just beginning to gain the organize for the trip to actually begin.

Tomorrow is another day with a lot more tomatoes ready to be stored.  

YES.  Loving the flexibility.

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