Thursday, 17 February 2022

Cooking Up The SOG Out Of Stale Bread

 SOG.  It was made by mum in the 1960's. SOG is also 

  • known as Bread Pudding. 
  • The best way to use really stale bread.  
    • The harder the bread the better.  
      • By that time the yeast has probably died.
  • Lasts for ages which is terrific as here is the basic recipe.
 In a roasting dish that has the lid [or tin foil the roasting dish several times with a heavy tin foil.]

    add 10 to 12 eggs, and milk [about 1.5 liters of milk] and whisk. 
    Now put in Nutmeg and Ginger.  a 1/2 cup in total is what is used in this house.
    Cut the bread [ 2 long loaves will do cut up or cubed.]

Now when your cooking up the sog in the bottom on the pan sprinkle either mixed fruit like raisons, sultanas, apricot, orange peel, nuts.  What every you have on hand. 

Add the cut bread pieces.  Pour over the egg mixture.

Cook long and low. The smell permeates the building you happen to be in.  

Here the smell floats right down to the bus stops.  There is two bus stops - one on each side of the road.

The surprising thing is that this Sog - bread pudding tastes really terrific by itself. Especially with a little bit of cream.  Even Yoghurt, and with friends.

The hardest thing is the top of the Sog.  It gets really crunchy. Kinda sets the setting to have a reason for the ice cream!

Which is funny as who would eat ice cream with bread!  Yeah.  Old State bread sog!

Susan Off on Adventure sure has some strange life story's to be entertained with.  To bring a smile into your heart.

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