Friday, 18 February 2022

Shopping For All Gets Interesting

Food should be as interesting as can be. Shopping for all gets interesting as the cash register has the final say. 

In a way a definite daily adventure. Welcome the different cooks, who by chance, have many skills and years of experience. 

The house has three rooms.  Plus a bungalow. There is currently 

  • One room waiting for the oldest tenant.  She's in Melbourne staying with relatives while she travels gardening.
  • The other now has full time work in Melbourne. He comes back every few weeks to catch up on relatives and friends.
  • The other room has me in it.  
  • The bungalow is the office for an accountant.
The house is actually someone else's who cannot live here as they are nearly half way across the country. That is a pretty long way away in Australia.

Okay so the owner is not eating here. There are bills to pay Food and a kitchen.  But who has the time to do the shopping?  The cooking tends to be left to the females and the BBQ's to the males not here.

To be conscious of the financial climate the food money is pooled. Effectively comes out of the rent / towards the rent everyone should be able to afford to put forward.

There was a comment made "You gota get out of the boat before you can walk on water."

Feeding people and making food that is worth waiting for is always an experiment here. Recipes change with what is in the fridge, the storage and the garden. Even in the actual kitchen cupboards, or what was on special at the shops we all go to.

Alternatively the local Pizza Place or Fish and Chip shops near by.  There you know what ingredient's go into the respective food ordered over the counter. 


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