Thursday, 31 March 2022

Make Room For Seedling Growth While Waiting

 Space is valuable. But so too is time.

The other day seedlings were purchased.  However there was not enough room in the chosen garden beds for all the onion seedling to get a head start in the same garden bed.

Back these went into the bath to soak.  Besides loving the availability of water they onion seedlings grew.

A few days later Brussel sprouts and Silver Beat were purchased.  Yip! While in the middle of end of tax year financial book work there was not going to be much time left over for redoing all three small garden beds properly

By today the trip down to the local mall involved bring back one 25 liter plastic bag full of potting mix.

Dumping that on the garden bench that my mum had set up.  The tidy up a few months ago got everything there sorted out and organized. Thus the garden seedlings had both a individual container and dirt.  

All it needed was to set aside then spend the hour doing the job.  The job is now completed.  Rest assured those tangles of roots are best dealt with when the  seedlings are smaller.  The result is that later when potting  becomes planting the seedlings have less root scares.

This then lead to sweeping the concreate up.  Adding the contents of the shovel to thankful large pots where the plants really appreciate it.

More importantly was the Oh Heck those seedling were left on the ground.  At half past something , in the dark of the night, up came the trays that had the seedling on them and into the house they have arrived.

Actually the kitchen table to be exact.

Now be aware that gardening of any type is an adventure with mind warping extremes possible.

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