Monday, 24 January 2022

One Door At A Time At Number 14


This house has three bedrooms. One bungalow. There are cracks in the walls, and a small hole in tiles on the roof.  Winter times coming on in a hurry.

Often the events that lead up to an action involve several aspects. In this post the door has finally been purchased

The bungalow door was damaged on the inside by two family pets nearly thirty odd years ago. They somehow got stuck in the inside trying to "open the door" from the inside.

There's a new door to replace the old one at the Bungalow entrance.  There was a choice to make.  The bungalow looks out into the back yard.

This doorway has been there since the Bungalow was lowered by a crane about five years after the house number 14 was built.

This bungalow door had a long scratch on the outside.  A tiny hole that allowed the cold to creep in or be gusted in when the icy wind blew in.

The top of the door had been planed so that it would close properly. Leaving of course the gap under the door to contend with.  Plus the dis-fitting lock that popped open often opening the door at the weirdest of times... early hours of the morning.

Infact, when staying in the room itself the boxes were piled up along that door so that no wind came through. The door was stopped opening as well.

Today a quick trip to Morwell and one replacement door is to be purchased.  Plus a new lock.  One that has three keys.  

By the time the everything is sorted out there has already been a pricing trip into to check the prices, quality and feel of the door choices. The main question asked was does it really feel right spending money on an external door? Assumptions were made that since the house in is disrepair why do this maintenance at all.

You know inside yourself what it is like to have substandard dwellings.  Even though you know there are other choices to be made what is it then like to ask an older person to live in the same room as you did, pay a some of rent and yet not put in the effort to better the abode they are residing within.

A standard is set by yourself.  Lessons learned in life is to not accept anything else.  But more importantly to make sure that you help others through into a better place.  Thus, things financially will be a betterment once the new door is up.

Further, the personal sense of expectation is that the whole deal has been finalized with the completion of the following

  • The door 
    • painted indoor white on the outside.
    • exterior white on the outside 
    • has larger screws replacing the ones the lighter door had.

  • The door frame
    • the door frame will be sanded down 
    • and painted white as well
      • then the window sills as well
  • The external steps
    • are now horizontal 
    • Sanded and painted
  • And that door flap thing is added to the bottom for added protection from weather and scurrying animals or insects.
  • and overall everything looking great.

At least were moving forward here at number 14. Surprisingly many people have been in similar situations. Its terrific to plan a full restoration in one swoop. The alternative is to do one part at a time.

We have the white paint for the interior of the door. That was left over from the painting of the bungalow. The rollers and the paint trays are there too.

Last time that painting was done there was much paint wasted as the funny looking painters tool is now known about. Even found in the shop where the paint can be purchased. Plus the mineral turns to clean the brushes.

Once heard that "you cannot seize power, you have to be groomed for it."  Thus it's go onto search and find out what the steps are to cleaning off the old paint, or just cleaning everything down, and how to actually paint the room down.

You've probably been in some situation like this one here recently with something similar. One where you could short cut something and possibly someone would never find out.

When these houses were built the owners of the land were essentially  a Government Department.  So only a certain number of plans were rapidly built.  That makes sense.  However, the builder's took shortcuts that the then apprentices remember. It's those who were the 'apprentices' that get the jobs to fix the effects of the shortcuts taken.

And you have found yourself in a situation where you have the choice now. Not actually knowing what you are about to actually achieve.

At times to achieve things while you look at the overall mountains it takes to step over you may be thousands of steps away. Yet, with reality, there is the one step at a time route. 

What I've learned is to add prayer before, during and after into that step. That's the difference... things get sorted out real quick with people helping you out, past experiences as a basis. Plus a cuppa and friendship along the way

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