Saturday, 30 April 2022

Something Different Really Does Start


Just one little twig added into the mix and something different really does start to come together.

In this post something that is so plain and unattractive to look at even a few weeks ago has come back with a vengeance. The current home maintenance activity on the home maintenance is the front door.  Which lead to the whole new completed and finished look for the whole door way  to change shift then come into view.

This post starts with a todays challenge that spiraled into an obvious answer to fix a much bigger challenge.

Right now Avocado seeds may be springing up all over the place, but so to are the butterbeans.  The ones where a bowl of water was partially filled up.  The packet of Butter bean torn open and tipped up and woops so many beans got wet.

Well that's a beauty about having a garden area where the tomatoes are due to come out. Plus various large pots with plants growing in them. 

All the yellow beans grew germinated. 

Some are now  into seedlings germinated. Every single one of them. So where to place these?

The square garden bed is just to small to happily house all of them.  

There is only one thing. 

hat one thing was that the Golden Wax Yellow Bean looks on the packet as being a Butter Bean. Right now the it looks like there will be many cooked stews and soups over summer this year if not the dehydrator going full on again this year.

When things don't quite work out as you would have wished remember that God has an ulterior plan that just maybe you are not yet ready to know about.

Unknown twigs to the plan had already happened

Right now there is the area near the worm and compost bins that has not one single plant container filled up with soil and mulch. The area against the fence which was where the Ivy was growing is big enough to house larger pots.  As the soil still has to irradiate both the blackberry and the ivy roots the dirt needs a rest in-between doses to be effective.

Guess that the Goldern Wax Yellow Beans in the pots will be the ones sitting on brick and wood benches yet to be created.

There is the answer.  "Masonry Bricks"

The area between the concreate and the fence is the width this council specifies. The iron from the reroofing was going to be uses. That would mean a small gap where emerging blackberry or ivy could get through.. But it would also mean that treatment for these two pest weeds would also run the risk of popping over the fence. Poison's on or in the plants, and chicken laying eggs, just does not work.

Would also allow the chicken to browse feed without scratching every single plant out of its way.

Very worth considering

Like was stated earlier sometimes things come straight way while other times several at first unrelated things come together.

Then you really do know that something different really does start to develop as an alternative choice to choose to get along with

Friday, 29 April 2022

There Is A Strange Thing About Adventures

The basic thing is everyone to their own thoughts and realisms for what their adventure is, or will be during the present time period of their life.

Others go for the straight and narrow.  Basically a

  • See it. 
  • Do it. 
  • Get it done philosophy.
Then often there is a lull.  That's a what the heck just happened feeling. The wave is high the down slip ride is usually fast.  

That climb back up onto another brilliant idea wave is waited on. 

Catch the ride up  

The undertow and your fine until the next crash down or tip up.

Now comes the undertow.  People who come along for the ride.  On what seems to be the leader of the dreams energy cycle. Keep pumping for all your worth while others leach off your strengths. 

People then undermine each weakness shown. 

Talk about you behind your back.  Worse in front of you. By now there is a feeling that...

  • Something has happened. 
  • Your energy has been drained
  • That focus you had ... long gone.
  • Now unfocused.
  • Unfortunately that is what so many people have happen to them in life.  Thus, as they now feel they have dug a hole and want to hide away their dreams, visions and aspirations come tumbling down.
Now there is another way of turning something into an adventure.

Treat every day as a new adventure
Each persons hopes, dreams, aspirations, and advantage points differ.  Simply because everyone is different.  Other than the fact that the world has splashed out some pretty dramatic times these last few years.

Some stop you in your 'adventure' tracks stuff. People all over the world slid into the emotional back flow within their own minds as life changed. Then kept changing.

Stop one second

To be able to look at, listen to or read something totally refreshing to the spirit each day could be just what is needed in that moment.  A starting point to the day.

Something of value to someone else. Someone close by, but today you might get more time to see them. To possibly hug and hold them.

But in the mean time, that person now has a direct confirmation.  They know you are thinking of them through one simple share.

A Smile 4 U is just that. 
 The people behind this A Smile 4 U are here to serve you a daily dose of sharable smiles.

Found in your email stream daily.  

Thursday, 28 April 2022

There Is More To Green Waste Than Meets The Eye

Green Waste is Organic matter that helps people grow.

In a few days is the rubbish collection - then comes the green waste bin's turn the week after. 

In the meantime one of the green waste bins that came from a neighbors has already been swapped with my own one and been taken back to the neighbors.  Yeah, it is a swap and go situation that at  least allows the proceeds organic waste to reaccumulate

It's strange when Ray lived in this house there were very few neighbors that I'd feel comfortable talking too. They were after all Rays friends. Unless their children attended the community group that was run through the same group I attended. They saw us move in, our oldest son and my mother.  But no Raymond.

So, when moving into this place the garden really needed more composing than we could provide. And it needed it within that first winter. That's when it clicked.  'Green waste'. Which meant that the neighbors had to be asked could I take their bins. It meant talking to people.

Here's how things are turning out...

Literally the green waste bins would arrive here overnight. Now it's the second winter and the days before it feels comfortable just going there and removing the bins with the house owners permission … before the council turn up with their big truck. Wisk this green waste off to the green waste section of the dump. Process the trucks contents. Then resell it back to people as fertilized compost.

Ask the question

So simply by asking these people could I take the lawn clipping, this lead to chook manure, guinea pig stuff and something else, then explain why, the original 'Yes by all means' In the middle of the off and on lockdowns  this State of Victoria had, helped connect people. 

As the lockdowns happened different neighbors moved in and out. One of these neighbors mother I worked with years ago.  It's more than just one more rubbish bin of organic waste in the composts bins. It's a chance encounter that lead to memories and a sense of fulfillment.

Green Waste takeaways

That compost request has resulted in plants and vegetables going their way. Lemons and eggs coming back this way. New, and old, recipes have been tried. Tasted, loved and also shared back around the circle of neighbors'.

Amazing thing is all it is is organic matter. Decomposing organic matter that creatively changes a few neighbor's time and energy.

A most significant result

Thus one could compare the breaking down of organic matter to be similar to the breaking down of interpersonal struggles


Next blog

Use of garden salts



Were you worth that days pay


There were mites in that green waste bin.  

The near neighbour stated that one of their older chooks was found in the henhouse ... that it's no longer with them being berried under some plant in the back yard. However the importance of the next sentence was not then known. 

Hidden meaning to unexplored questions

There are feathers in the bin. Do you mind?

Before we begin to unpack the story of what happened next , let's look at the surrounding context of the full declaration and what should have happened quicker.

When an animal dies the mites, fleas or other life forms that hide in hair, fur or feathers seek out new energy sources. Conditions being right for them there is the tendency to mass produce just to make sure survivors are there to carry on the legacy.

Well sometimes things just are not as they seem.  

From this end the primary focus was on the manure needed in the compost bin. The only thing was time, as the house  front door job took precedence.

Thus over the next seven days the bins were left in the sun heating up quite well with the decaying manure food source.  A big oops.

Here we go to get that job done

Of the two green waste bins being added to the compost bins one has a host of these little things not infesting the compost. Just before this was the phone call from a friend on the land. So while the compost bins got full with different layers of garden waste from here, lawn clipping and manure/straw mixed with lots of lime the phone conversation went back and forth.

The mites had settled right down the bottom of the bin. And it was not until the bin was finally tipped upside down that the concrete was swept and added back into the green waste bin for next weeks collection.

Careful of the priorities you choose

 Last thing to be disturbed meant at least that shower was right on the cards.

The clothes ended up straight away in the washing machine... on hot cycle.  The underclothes sprayed with flys spray.

Again, another chance at the mites having close personal contact meant an urgent note to self. That the fly and bug spray is also kept in the garden tool shed.  It was at that time the flyspray was active also in the empty Green Waste bins.

Be humble as you are grateful

In this world to have a house to live in, it may be falling apart but things still work said a friend who lives in a bus, no wheels, the bus leaks, there is no running water but what a truck brings from a creak, and they live in another state in the desert area.

"At least you can have a shower" was the last thing heard as that mad dash occurred for the quick dive into the shower while the person on the other end of the phone just laughed. 

Soon enough after that shower, hair shampoo and conditioner, things began to feel right with the world

As a comparison what can we learn from mites

On a lighter note there is another way to think about these mites. Jesus uses the example of a widow who gave a few mites. An insignificant amount  to the people with more to offer. [ Mark 12:44 ]

Things change when you are at the bottom of the pecking order. These two coins were probably all this person had. Each worth about 1/64th of a denarius. Basically about a days wage for the common people of the day. 

Like the widow whose heart was in the right place the chook also gave it's all. Every day another egg.

With that the cycle of life has carried on.

Avocado Seedlings Are Popping Up

The plan is that both purchased plants along with the professional seeds, plus the ones just gathered locally to sprout, are encouraged in their growth.  Then will come the time for weeding. basically  it is known that plants sprout in favorable conditions to them. Basically the new growth give back to the soil what the last group removed in order to grow to their fullest potential.

Gardens know best what is ready to come up and in the garden here the Avocado seedlings are popping up. So far there are already four in plant pots sitting in the back yard.

There were two more Avocado seedlings that turned up. These were popped in the plastic bag with the Jerusalem Artichokes. Homeless seedlings at that stage.  

This post is a basic what to do with the seedlings that popped out of the ground.  The wrong place was to  be in my garden.  However, when you have a few people around with gardens sharing the components 

These now have a new home. The neighbor's across the road who have been suppling the chock manure and grass clippings have the enjoyment of their garden enjoying the their growth and receiving the pleasure from the garden growth cycles.

New to their knowledge base was the fact that Jerusalem Artichokes make terrific hedges. Starting when the tip comes through the ground during the sprint until they top growth finally dries up due to the cooler weather mid winter time.

As there are two the Avocado will produce many more than if there was only one lonely tree planted. Interestingly the avocado flower opens twice a day.  Once as a male and the other time as a female flower.  The only thing is there is no knowing if one of the seedlings is an "A" type and the other a "B" type.

While the plant takes a few years to really settle in the ground the fruit flowers needs to be removed. The energy then will go into the root system.  Being a surface feeder feed the plant but leave the leaf drop area of the Avocado tree free of plants. 

 That includes the grass to will try to grow up to and around the base of the Avocado plant.  Flip side of this is over the years there will happen to be less grass cuttings to pick up from this household

Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Talk to older people just along your street about their garden

 Way back when about six years old it was thought safe to talk to the older people just along the street about their garden. They in turn had the simple pleasure of adding to the understanding of a young child how the compost benefitted the garden.

So to did my Great-grandfathers gardening activities as he often put little insects into my hand. Ladybirds, worms and millipedes form a part of this list. When Great-grandad was alive still he was just a long trip away.  

But gardening was already in my blood.  It was a commonality with which to talk to people.

Now that time has moved onwards the age of sharing this understanding is done in a completely different way. The people who catch the bus stop off at the front of the house. Hopping off the buss they see shrubs and some cacti that survive on little water. long with lillipilli trees.  

A few younger people have come here with their parent, or parents, for other reasons. That parent then goes back to their place and adds cuttings or in the case of the "oops I spilt a half a packet of butter beans in water and the germinated. Here's a few for you to grow."

But in order for these to be shared there is a task to complete. That is: To learn more about these nocturnal tomato burring millipedes

The end of the tomato growing season has come. There are still tomatoes being produced but there pest about.  The black millipede has been digging into these tomatoes. 

Tomatoes are a luxury food for these tomato eating anthropoids. Now they are meant to be eating the decaying leaves and other dead plant matter of the composted material added to the garden bed.

Sure the millipede plays that important role  in a garden bed. They aerate the soil well., but do they have to destroy the living plants. Yeah millipedes even love to eat onions.

Big plus is that spiders love millipedes.  This year there seems to be many spiders hanging around.

Well it time to 

  • Haul out those last remaining tomato plants.
  • Add these into the compost bin [ minus any millipedes hosteled there. 
  • Turn the soil over and just let the bids in to check out what's new or left over [like millipede eggs]. 
  • Then replant the Butter Been seedlings into small pots for the nest few weeks until that ground is cleared as naturally as possible.

Defiantly it looked like the only control was to be a slug and snail bait that was used last year - with some success. But not until the birds have had their picnic.

So today the reseeding and tomorrow the pest control digging

Monday, 25 April 2022

dogs deserve our humble respect

 Yes even the dogs deserve our humble respect.

The life of  'fear mounting' many people have had over their life times comes through at the oddest of times.

At number 14 there are two twenty year old dogs. One named Sox and the other one is Boof.  Many see them as adorable, loveable canines with a cheeky sense of humor. 

For the last seventeen years they have been basically in my charge. At that stage there were two other dogs as well.  One called DD [ their mother] and another called Gatta [ An adopted older pit bull auntie]

Each dog had their quirks

Gatta would carry a pencil in her mouth from one room to the other. Where DD would ignore Sox , she favored  Boof. We came to see it was a color thing.  DD was to yong when our youngest daughter and her friend let DD out in the friends back yard.  The daddy of most of the pups was very full grown... and a gingery color.

Some years later some one came into the back yard of number 19 and kicked Gata's back right leg. Two operations later she was doing okay.  

A few months later, due to her age, Gata, Sox and I were walking in the park. The full moon beans were everywhere. Gata just lay down for a good half hour. DD and I joined her, knowing Gata's time had drawn closer.

Our walks continued thought for a few more months. 

Then one other night when the moon was full again, this old lady wanted to go outside for the a while. And she hid amongst the roses and shrubbery that draped on the ground. night. Not wanting to come in.  The back door was open for her to enter as she wished.  But that was not to be.

The next morning the door was found shut. Now that that was Gata was found literally as still as a board on the old porch couch.

Ray, and our oldest son, dug the hole for her but had to wait for her body was not yet ready to be interned

DD's demise was another matter. 

I was called to number 19 only to find DD in fits and frothing at the mouth. Someone had poisoned DD.  Boof, the son living with DD, was wanting to know what was wrong with his mother. How do you tell a dog what is happening while you are looking after his mother during the rapidly deteriating end phases of his mothers life!

Boof and Ray actually hit it of really well.  

Both missed DD. After a while our oldest son visited his father. Boof, went to him.  Pleading to go with him, He was still our son's dog. Yet ours oldest son left Boof alone with his father as Melbourne called. Which is where  he was then working.

There was one stage while I was still there that Boof went between the two of them.  Finally Boof licked Rays hand.  Sat down, looked at his old master.

Decision was made.  For years though when Ray had gone to work, or there was me at work and the weather was at it's worst both dogs enjoyed 'visiting' the other.  Made the care easier with just one place to head too.

Strange things happen between families.

There is a passage in Matthew 10:21..." and the child shall raise up against their parents, and will cause them to be put to death." In the extreme this did not actually happen.  However, a freedom was removed for a very long time  

There was things happening now at number 19. My mother came to live. This would has until late 2021 when a younger sibling was able to take our mother to specialist appointments in Melbourne during lockdowns.

Massive changes lay ahead

Ray had need of a place to stay as the house at number 14 was now rented out. Boof now came to live at number 19. The resting place of several cats, and now two female dogs.

One caravan was done up. The inside became beautiful as it was stripped out. Replaced with  varnished pine.  This was to be the trip around Australia vehicle living accommodation. A place also for both Boof and Sox to rest. 

Now what about these dogs 

We both knew something would have a to give as time dragged along. Ray went away and Boof fretted.  As a thank you for your support Susan go and see your father. A person who needed somewhere to stay was able to look after mum short term.

Like both dogs enjoyed the cats, this person's dog was accepted by the dogs as well. When arrived back into Australia things changed. Something was out of kilter.

The owner wanted the house at number 19 back

So a year of clean ups and take downs eventuated. Trees were removed, gardens, and plants taken out of the garden, things burned in two huge bonfires during a winters night. The other bonfire lasted a day and a half.

And these two dogs looked on wondering what was happening.  

Into the end of this activity 

Early 2020 our oldest son arrived.  Boof took a while to really go near him. Then one day we lost him.  Only to find Boof  lying a very asleep son of ours. Boof had got trapped in the room and decided to make use of the sleeping person. Hey it was winter and cold.

Now we've ended up at number 14. Just around the corner. The dogs and I are here. Boof celebrates every time the oldest son arrives back. While Boof accepts that love and attention he knows this person has to go away again.

Animals become a part of many peoples lives

Unfortunately to other people there poses some agitation around animals. Although in the lands around where Jesus walked dogs to this day are not tolerated or liked. Jesus refers to dogs in a with great faithfulness, plus in a humble light. Matthew 15: 21-28 Jesus's comment to the woman asking Jesus to have mercy on me, Oh Lord, thou son of David; my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil ' To the lady's "even little dogs eat the crumbs from the Masters table." 

Check out Jesus's answer by simply opening the scripture up.

Yet there is another thing for dogs to be a willing part of. 

Like Sir Winston Churchill [who carried a canary world wide]  St. Paul it is said had a pet bird of some kind.  When John Mark asked Paul why he spent time with the bird, St. Paul supposedly answered along the lines of " A bow that is always strung will go slack."

Dogs. cats. pet rodents, and possibly even worms in the worm farm have a major roll in these days.  Calming agitated or emotionally blocked people into a state of just blocking out the world and it's hassles.

We are on a win here

So here at number 14 we are winning this adventure on many levels.  The garden is growing. The worm farms makes lots of worm tea. Baby worms that aerate the soil. Vegetables, herbs, flowers and trees grow well. 

The recycling of the organic matter gets eaten by the worms.


Saturday, 23 April 2022

Excited At Three Screw-Ups

Now excited over three screw-up's

This may seems as a surprise... just to be excited over three screws. Up there are three lousy screws that had given  so much trouble over the last week.

However when correctly applied a 'screw-up" has a wonderful effect sometimes of being a bonus.

Practice thing ahead before  hand

Learning on the job comes at some strange moments. Sometimes there is a small cost involved called embarrassment balanced with laughter, and smiles , as it is shown how much more people can assist that learning capacity. 

 In this post we aim to show you just how much of a bonus screw-up's maybe!

Reach higher while using the thing-a-me from the car

Doors are held in place with screws, nails, even pop riveted attachments. As the project of the door started the realization came that not everything needed was there within easy reach.

That included height as when the thing you want to screw in is taller than you can reach there could be a further challenge waiting for the unwary person on the end of the screw driver!

Those screws were to high

These three screws were in the bracket that used to hold the older screen door hydraulic closing of the screen door pump thing.

Up high, right there, just out of reach ... that is until the idea came. Try the thing that loosens up many bits of metal. Took a second to look in the car where there it was only one can of WD 40 lubricant. Which when applied to the door screw 

Now the screws refused to budge

Three different manual screw drivers later the new drill was remembered. Dare I? But wait that would mean charging it as the drill was so new it had not even been unpacked.

Well after a while one screw came out. Very reluctantly. Very, very reluctantly. You could literally hear this screw holder laughing at you!

Come on think as where there is a will...

Then again where there is a Susan, there is a way! Sometimes uncongenial and a little extreme. But when something actually clicks into overdrive and works lets share the adventure, add a few smiles and learn from everything.

All was not lost as there was a list of jobs to do and all connected to this one doorway project.

The screws still needed to be loosened

Meanwhile, there was the screws to be removed so all the door frame will be back down to bare wood.  Can be totally sanded, primed and finally painted with exterior oil paint.

This even happened with the screws that just would not come out of the frame work.

Two things happened today

 The first was frustration and the second was a brilliant idea. The Stanley knife plus the hammer. Add that to the three screwdrivers, the wd-40 and the new drill

The three manual screw drivers were tried. One way to big just in case! This one was for something on machines or engines. Well they all go back in the shed tomorrow as it is dark now.

The one screw being out was now really frustrating

On the shelves in the dining room are a lot of tools not yet back in the shed. These tools finding their home back in the shed starts tomorrow.  Amongst them are the hammers... one with claws. Plus a Stanley knife. Both these came to the front door.  

The Stanley knife blade cut the paint and then went under the bracket. The result was the loosening of  the suction effect. Then carefully the tips of the blade went around the base of the screw.

Odd, but with one step at a time

Next came the craw hammer. Place and tug. Once on the right, then on the left. Followed by Bang, Bang on each side.  Something shifted.

Opps! What just happened! Was the drill now wreaked? Is there damage to the door?

Oh Heck, what can the matter be?

But hang on there is a button here. The battery powered drill turns to the left, and to the right.  More easily if the drill is horizontals and at first pushing downwards while turning. 

That means the seal between the paint, door and hinge was now effectively ripped apart, not just broken.

Big smile of relief time occurred

That smile whipped around my lips and went all through as everything relaxed. Besides being a wow moment there was that  Hallelujah it's done tingle.

Remembered that at breakfast this morning His help was asked for. This house will be worthy. It may not be a palace full of earthly riches and jewels. But it will be a place of God's peace to be found. 

It was at that moment a decision was now reinforced

There has been so much stress and unrest through out the lives of people within this house over all of this houses years that this place, tucked just above and behind the bus stop has had to change.

So to be excited at three screw-up's would turn out to be a familiar and wonderful feeling of many more steps to forge ahead and turn into achievements.

Reach out, grab it, forge ahead 

Education has, in part, the need to both see, hear and to understand what is is that is to be achieved.  Yeah get excited at three screw ups.  

Those 5 'r's in life

Living here at number 14 there is an earnest practice of utilizing those5 "R" in life.

Infact, what has happened to the Reduce, reuse and recycle system has gone way back to the really old  refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and definably Rot that I grew up with in the really early years of life.

The time when Grandparents and Great-grand parents had what seemed like towering vegetables and big bushy flowers. Fruit drooping down off full heavy trees and shrubs.

For years now at number 14 the back garden that most people have as grass in the past is concreate. The choice to move from one that was mostly lush lawn and a vegetable patch was made in December 2019.

Many of the plants were brought to number 14 in buckets and plastic bags. While mum handled these and cared for the newly sprouted seedlings it took much work to remove the blackberry that literally covered the concrete.

Quite by mistake the 5 "r's in life became the 6 "R's" in life.

  1. Remove
  2. Refuse
  3. Reduce
  4. Reuse
  5. Recycle and
  6. Rot
These are briefly explained here.
  • Remove meant totally get rid of. In this case it was into the green waste rubbish bin.  What was found was the lawnmower was really hand as that reduced the size of the multitude of little bits going into the rubbish bin. Lots of little bits simply meant there were less gaps amongst the rubbish in the bin.
  • You know that black berry that still grows in the garden.... it makes a great tea to brew.
  • There has been a larger conscious refusal to bring in unneeded items.
  • Refuse to accept that nothing that was taken from this house and the owner will not be replaced. I read that in Job. Job lost his 'everything.' Now God replaced the physical things many fold as Job did not know where they went. But Job knew where the lost children went - under Gods direct care. Inturn, Jobs first family members were replaced one for one. 
  • Reduce the food expenses meant being able to purchase needed tools so that different jobs are able to be undertaken.
  • The full use of the garden gradually coming into life has brought enjoyment, food sources, food creation, and manufacturing.
  • The new carpentry tools needed were just there at a third off the normal retail price. By being creative with the reduced food costs  as well as being frugal as well as much as was humanly possible the repair and reinnervations / upgrades are being done.  One skill set at a time expanded.
  • There now is a big white ceramic teapot that sits on the dining room table. The tea that pours from the spout maybe wonderfully cold ... and delicious. There is a thermos of hot water available. The reduction on the heating the kettle charges come through on the electrical bill.
  • That means until things alter drastically there is no bringing in other peoples used furniture - even if it truly looks better than what their is now.
  • People past through the kitchen area looking for food. Its amazing what happens with unserved food that goes into plastic containers after the meal are served.
  • Furniture that one person has left behind is used for another person who had nothing available. 
  • The computer system is defiantly older than most peoples. 
  • Plants are placed into upsized containers.
  • There was a gift of a second hand screen door. That is now inplace. But the tools and equipment just purchased are needed to finish the job.
  • There were many curtains to choose from. Linen for beds [ and bedding.] Come to think of it we even found a disused bed for one of the people who stayed here for a while.
  • A family member had a new bed brought up for her. A family member had made this from reusable crates.
  • That is the funny thing. The neighborhood has appreciated different things being recycled.  
    • Second hand things like Maccona Coffee jars are replacing many of the plastic wear items.
    • Old push bikes have found new homes or uses.
    • Waste for the compost and also the worm farm quickly ends up on the garden or around the plants in pots. Once so far the pots  have been upsized with inches of not quite ready compost.
    • Before arriving here much of the dining room wear was given to charity.  The idea was to go one the road would mean a completely different life style. China things tend to break. - only thing is the people here were quietly being affected. So,  for weeks it was hunt down second hand sturdy things that quietly gave character to the dining room
  • defiantly happening through out the garden compost, pot plants and garden beds.
That's the long and short of those 5 "R's" plus one more.

Friday, 22 April 2022

the beginning of an adventure started

In this post lay the beginning of an adventure started a few years ago as the mind began to really recognize the past as the past.  Became less confused  and abel to deal with the future. Each day a new adventure amplifies that chosen new future..  

Now the doors in the mind have jimmied the door back open again. Truly it is amazing what happens when that mind becomes open to different adventures.  

Simple open the mind, and thus drag up your own potentials, dust them off, line these potentials up, then take action to polish one aspect at a time... YES amazing things happen.

A good few years ago now this blog was actually started. Other things over the last  well since 2002 have been played with as different skills were looked into.

What was stated in 2020 was another twitter account. Once again the intentions were great but has different things took importance the twitter account, like other platforms just seemed to be placed aside. An off and on again thing. 

Then came the decision to advertise or not to advertise. Well the ball is still out on that count. But the interest is gathering in different a direction.

People often want financial gain and the bigger, quicker the better. There are things that are old ways.  These old ways are based on the words you use attracting different, but same frame of minded people into your following.  It does not stop there. The next phase is to introduce to them the thought of like minds.  You , the advertiser not only need to learn the advertising skill but the need to be constantly funding the advertising is there.

This is where a friend point out that there is a need for same online income.  When you have skills sharpened keep the skills sharpe. Tackle things different and be able to use your skills to become your own business.

Thus once again getting distracted the basic profile had been created.

Now an older family member has been struggling to find work.  The skills are many but the time to fine tune into just one field is at hand.  That family member has decided to:

    • Give other people the change to read out load to her.  What ever the age they are.
Thus the email flue out into the cyberspace and suggested to them to try Guru.  There they can fill out their own profile. 

  • You advertise your profile around the chosen area your want people to come to find you at..
  • Your costs are there.
  • Even when people are engaged with advertising on the big platforms these smaller 'start ups' that know what they are \doing , and are easy to check your profile out on .
  • They hire you for something big, or small.
  • Payment is made and you get a review. The reviews then grow and so does the push for your services.
  • Secondarily they may have skills that either you do not have, or recognize that time is of the essence.
This is how people form their skills based communities.

Hopefully this post has titled your interest in checking out Guru.

Yes this is the link into Guru through Susan Lewis online

Thursday, 21 April 2022

Recognize the past, deal with the future

A big part of healing is to recognize the past, as it was, forgive, then take steps forward as best you can, deal with the future.

In this post we meet Sarah, via a chance meeting as the dogs and I walked through the park. We'd last met and spoken too about twenty years ago.

The story went like this....

Time to walk these dogs again the smell of the peeling paint was getting to me. This time we went via the park. The thing is in the park along the concreate foot paths people have been smashing bottles.

Now it is much easier  staying clear of the footpaths - especially when the dogs are on the leash.

Nearly half way there and it would have been time to cross the road and head down the rest of the walk to a small bridge near the community house/ library and also the Latrobe University accommodations.

Instead, we met a lady down near the short walk in the parks half way point. Recognized the face, and that was from way back. Like twenty years ago. This was Sarah. A grown up Sarah. 

As a young lady I'd given one of my paintings to her and another to an elder friend.

Over a cuppa Sarah asked did I still paint. Not unless you count the door then the entrance.  The toilet and bathroom  The building of the shelves here and the cutting of the doorway here. Shifting the shower ninety degrees that way. Removing the bathtub. Retiling, repainting and moving the washing machine in to the bathroom area too.

Here, in the dining room there will be shelves and cupboards  This room, the hall way, entrance, toilet and bathroom will all have butterflies, flowers, worms herbs, a veritable productive garden. with ferns, hanging baskets full of flowers, dragon flies.... the list went on.

Describing this seen to Sarah was fun as it seemed like she too was seeing the end result. This house walls inside being pure white enamel, with God's life force energy flowing through it.

A house full of the love within the innocence of life. A place where negatives of life are not able to kill the body, nor be able to delete the soul.

Myself ...  well I sat there letting the mouth talk while watching the pictures come through the spoken words relayed into something like a walk in visual dynamic life force on the walls, roof and doors. Among the physical plants outside, the waterfall [not yet here] and the chicken house and run.

Soon enough it was time to walk Sarah to the bus stop. As we sat there Sox came up and quite happily said hello. Obviously the front door had not been closed enough. Something to do with the paint stripper still being used on the wide open wooden door. 

The next time this painting of the front doors is tackled the use of a fan will be handy for blowing out of the house entrance way the paint fumes. Probably also light a few candles in the kitchen with the above the stove exhaust fan in action.

These actions are a big part of being able to recognize the past and to deal with the future head on.


KJV Matthew 10:28

Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Sanding the front door frame

 Todays the day when just sanding the front door frame really started to include the finalization of the front porch.

The electric sander is in the garage. As far as possible the door frame has had its paint removed.  The one side now needs to be cleaned up from the chiseled reduction of wood that enabled this screen door to actually close [slam shut]

Now the next big adventure is on. Sanding that door frame down a little. Today though may be a day of buying 

  • more paint stripper - especially one with a good sealing lid. Considering the paint stripper may be held in storage for other areas - it says on the label to close the lid securely die to the fumes evaporation.
  • putty.
The door frame took a lot of paint stripper to get right down under the four coats of pain already there.
The putty being for the final smoot effect needed for the door frame to once again be perfectly shaped like the beautiful piece of rose colored wood that it was initially.

Strange because even when this paining the door way project was started a few days ago consideration for the end result has grown.

Okay so one day soon there will be the written word No FOURTEEN scribed on both the screen and the wooden door.  In fact the desire to see the front porch completed has become of importance as well.

Partially as when the matriarch of the family comes either as a flying visit, or to stay once again, the entrance will probably have to be altered re the steps. But also the lower wall of the porch now needs to be finished to stop the rain coming through. 

Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Scraping The Front Door Frame Paint Away

This post takes you through the experience of getting to the scraping the front door frame paint away to find a really beautiful red shared wood underneath.

Firstly there was the realization that the toilet area was a secondary job. The advantage was the paint purchased for one house maintenance job [ the toilet walls] could be utilized for another job - the front entrance spruce up.

Yesterday there was a trip to Traralgon. Then half way home, on the bus, the realization that there was time between bus drop off and the next bus pick up of fifty minutes.  

Well; that space solved a time challenge as the day was getting on. One trip to the local hardware story in Morwell and voila. Paint stripper along with two spray cans of rust remover in white paint.

About four in the afternoon  the work started.

First with the final dust down of the wire framed screen door.  And of course its painting. Second was the paint stripper went on all of the wooden frame. Yet by the end of another 6 hours only one vertical board had been completely done down to basics.

The realization was that before dawn came there would be more paint stripper and scrapping needed.  Time wise, this would be, most probably until lunch time.

So once again the green paint turned into a gooey sticky, stretchable scrape off.  The white paint under that coat though was a bit different.  The brown paint bubbled really well. However, that and the green paint were weird as one stretched while the other reacted as though it melted onto the scrapper.

The basic primary coat on the wood too longer to get off the wood.  It 'felt' like this pink paint was a proper paint undercoat.

A little mineral-turpentine on the really ratty old towel found after much looking in the rag bag is now used as something to wipe down the scrapers full of muck.  That in-part soaked towel has proven to be really helpful as the scrapers are now easier to use when the blade end is clean.

The ease comes when scrapping along the side bit of the upward wood.

So far there is still a rough part around the edges.  Like a newbee has been doing this job. Nothing much that a little light sanding will correct. 

Mind you that is a tomorrows job. Along with the composting and more things achieved in the care and maintenance of the garden and plants.

It said that when you enter your chosen house door you are home for the night. gotta laugh, and smile, while you think to yourself would this be also the many times you step in, then out, and back again while you are still scrapping the front door frame paint away after midnight.

Monday, 18 April 2022

overview of another task challenge to take up

There came a time when something snapped in that there seemed to be screech on progress in one area, yet that area widened the fruition overview of another task challenge to take up.

Blocked at every which way builds up and there is just one choice to be made. TO go forth , or not. Well the realization  that one project was not going to get done this week, lead to a shift into an older house maintenance focus area.

New experiences are like an adventure into your unknown.  At least that is what this part of the house maintenance has felt like.

This post is a precise of the expected unexpected semi end results as new skills were discovered by completing one step at a time ... before you check on the internet just how to go about the actual steps involved.

So far, on the arrival here at number 14 there was no screen door anymore. Simply it had 'gone." Thus when the actual front door was opened the people walking down, on the other side of the road or waiting at the bus stop, easily saw into the entrance way.

Now that would not have been so bad if the internal wall had been left there.  Except the owner of the house had been rennervating years before... the wall was removed.  Needless to say those reservations had not been completed.

Add to this repairs to a broken side window were nearly completed in early 2019. The window pane and panel were completely taken out. Replaced with white rows of wooden slats. Trimmed with unpainted hard wood.

Although this felt safer, the work involved in finishing this section was never finalized. The then tenant would not allow anyone near the door to finish things. Mind you where the original screen door went is still a mystery.

As it stands now people on the front porch can see straight into the toilet room. 

  • Solution: up went curtains on both sides of that hall way.
Added to this a screen door from another places reinnervation was obtained. Besides the putting of that screen door up the challenge was it did not fit.  Just by a couple of millimeters to one side!
  • Solution: Chisel the wood away and make it fit so at least the door could be open and the dogs enjoy the breeze 
    • At a later date use a sander to smooth the rough ends out from the hard wood.

Over the last few weeks the paint for the toilet wall color was purchased.  Enamel white.  Add the brushes and so forth things were going well.   But there is an area to sand,  Which sander.  Was informed the  sander was too dangerous for me to use safety.  Actually that I was unable to use the sander safely.

Well what does one do with that .... 

  • Solution.  Buy more stuff to use
    • Spray paint the screen door.
      • That worked
    • and do the front door frame
    • Not so fast ... there are bubbles on the wood work
  • Today was the time to use the paint stripper.  
    • Buy paint stripper.
  • But the day got away from the time allotted.
    • Solution: do one side before bed today and when possible the other sides tomorrow.
Well this seemed and ideal result. Small incremental steps that allow for different solutions to present themselves while you enjoy the wow factor of just this overview of another task challenge to take up.

Sunday, 17 April 2022

Worm Farms Are Handy Things

 Worm farms are handy things. Some of them are easily moved around while others are one placement wonders. Worm farms are all about decomposing vegetation.  When you do it right though there is the possibility of competition.  You want the worms.  Insects such as ants are competition for the worms food source. 

But there are some disadvantages that go along with decomposing material.  Basically insects and molds.

This post covers worms verses ants!  But if you do not mind the ants removing some of the food from the worms farm then just let things be.

  • Ants dislike high moisture levels where as the worms enjoy a swim in their decomposing liquid gold...the worm tea pool.
    • Add an external pool for the ants  to cross over in order to reach your worm farm
      • Remove all over hanging branches or ivy so the ants do not build a brings to get to the decomposing food source.
        • remember to keep that water level up.
    • Use an oil. Alternatively oily cream or gel and keep the creamed are free from ant climbing materials that will over the stick to the cream or jell
      • Something like Vaseline will do the job.
All in all what you and your worm farm are doing is basically diverting organic waste into a more organic useable nutrient rich garden fertilizer.

What is needed is a way for the fertilizer to seep into the garden as quick as possible. Ants make tunnels in the ground to get to their Queen and her eggs in the nest. 

Should you not mind the ants visiting the food supply then move on, don't worry about them. Or supply a slightly drier alternative. The dog, cat or human 'poop' bucket that the ants can also enjoy. All by themselves - free of worms.

Meanwhile choose to take an active part inside the sustainable gardening adventures of every day with knowing that worm farms are handy things as an 'enterprise' as well.

Friday, 15 April 2022

Literally Turn Your Day Into Another Adventure


This post is about a surprise visit from a relative that literally turned the day into another adventure. "Mmmm" This is what happened. Just to show you how a simple day can easily turn into an unknown adventure where the destinations activities change everything. 

The day had been full of phone calls made. One to mum,  and others to two friends.

One of these friends was for about three hours while together we nutted out some basic plans for a projects being done. Needless to say that the adventures into filing receipts was slowly loosing ground. 

So too was the watering of the garden and the redoing the soaker hose placements around the garden beds. It's hard to concentrate on two different things at a time that take focus and definite concentration. Instead lunch for Easter Friday was completed.

So now the time was about 4pm and those computer bits had to get started... or take a hint and complete everything tomorrow.

Choice came, and went as it soon became very clear that there was something else organizing the day.

Did try and should have taken the hint. Just sat down to the computer. Opened up the spreadsheet for notes and data entry.

There came a sound that sounded familiar. A vehicle pulled into the drive way. That could not be right. This relative had made other plans... they must have changed somewhat.

Standing now on the front porch there was a Ute in the drive. First thought was there any lunch left?  Yes. Good going to need that. Wait was there any thing suitable for tomorrows lunch? Must get out of the freezer tonight.

While those thoughts were zipping round a chuckle and huge smile crept through the air. Out came a potted plant. The pot first. And the rose was a long one at over a meter tall. Carefully, so as not to damage it.... 

That is when he saw who was on the front porch.  "Hi Mum. Brought you a rose from work. It's got a perfume, and is an old fashion rose."

Next came the 50 liter black box... full with washing to be done! "Oh I missed washing day" stated with a Smile..... Knew that those new pegs would come in handy.  The ones not yet unraveled and still sitting on the cupboard shelf.

There in lay what focused needed activity was going to get precedence this evening! Now instead of working away on the financial books the evening has been spent doing activities between washing machine and clothes line.

Instead the watering of the garden has been done. After the repotting of the rose. But it's soil was dry. It's not now and so a multitude of watering  related activities got underway. It was amazing to know just how much weeds clung.

Next to this was another potted plant and this one had small weeds growing. Needless to say those got weeded out as well. Everything in a pot had the same type of grass and small weeds removed.

Thursday, 14 April 2022

What Will I Do With These Succulents

Over the last two months, while watering the plants in pots outside, there have been flashes of " what will I do with these succulents." When mum was here she grew succulents from cuttings usually gathered while buzzing around town on here go-go.  

Many, like the dragon flowers, have found homes along the built up garden level above the foot path area. A place where now that these bushes, plus the Lilli Pilli up one level, have been there for over fifteen years there is little spare moisture during the afternoon sun.

So, hidden amongst the furry green bushes with tiny little purple flowers, these dragon fruits shallow roots system have been tucked into the lawn clippings between the bushes.

But there still are a few different ground cover succulent plants left in pots growing quite well. Filling up the pots containing them. 

By next year there will be overflow from these potted plants happening. 

So what to do with these plants was the question that hung around begging for an answer!

It's the thing that happens sometimes with gardens. You have one idea - while the garden itself has a totally different idea. The adventure happens while you try and figure out just what is going on in the garden you believe you are creating! 

A couple of posts ago there was written about the Jerusalem Artichokes outside the driveway at the front.

This drive was is on a two station wagon vehicle length slope. At an odd angel to exit the vehicles when you have an older parent staying or visiting you.

Which gives you an idea of the water retention challenges along the drive way!

Add to this the Lilly Pilei trees that grow along the neighbors fence line.  No sun, while there is still not enough soil as ground cover. Except for that that has been put here as mulch over the last twelve months.

At least the small hand spade was able to go in the top soil this year. That was found out when the succulent that were in the posts found out they had a new home. 

A home that soon will have to be disturbed around them as the Jerusalem Artichokes gradually get dug up, removed, cleaned off and replanted in well soiled deep pots. Placed out the back side fence along where the dogs usually like to hide.

The message is simply : At times you realize what while you may wonder What will I do with these succulents, the garden may know better what it needs than you do at that time, and the garden will win.

Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Gardening As An On Growing Adventure

 Gardening in itself is an adventure. To grow something from seed, seedling, and finally to pick the fruit of that plant, even the removal of what was has discoveries of its own.

It's mid April and Easter is here this weekend. This is a turning point in the year. The winter crops are needing to go it... and the summer crops are fighting on, still producing as they enjoy the suns warmth. 

As an adventure, this adventure is a life adventure, in that many times it carries on each passing season.  What you see and what is prepared for, done and even reorganized different adds a flavor of change into the over all garden mix.

The adventure is a dynamic mix of fast learning online, memories from way back, while making use of what you have when you have it.

Many generations later there are still memories of sitting down with my great grandfather in a garden with tall plants, a wooden shed, tools, and the neighbors goat that climbed the fence. Hey all the gardens then had livestock. Great Granddad used to look after their gardens too. His of course was build just below there ones.

Then there was Granddads one.  Mums one and for as many years as I can now remember a garden of some sorts growing somewhere where I've lived.  Pot plants inside, or out.  Garden inbuilt - behind brick or wooden sleepers, or dug into the earth.

These gardens of course had to be removed when moving on. Due to the ground cover being mostly  concrete, instead of clay here, many of the plants are in pots above the land.


But the most important thing to remember is that with this adventure there is the arrival at home - even tonight.

Replace Plants That Struggle To Grow

Some plants grow well in one place. Then struggle to grow in what was thought to be ideal conditions in another place.

As an example this post is about a simple Jerusalem Artichoke. The original bulb purchased about fifteen years ago and literally plonked into the clay soil out the back where the dogs liked lying. Each year the bulb was forgotten about. Left, just sitting there  underground. The next year the thickness of the plant   was wider. The length of ground longer.

But this plant, a bulb that sported many small seedless small flowers, had a special memory somewhere in the past. I believe it was great granddads garden.  His garden had many tall plants for a small child to enjoy standing and playing amongst. 

Also once the bulb is harvested there is a terrific food source... just ready to roast. Some sixty years later this is an example of a return adventure story for you to pass on.

Now, one year ago we moved into this house at number 14, from number nineteen - just around the corner.  Where number 19 held thirty years of finding a memory connecting dots and delving in deeply to an unrecognized past, number 14 presented, shall we say, with many challenges. 

One was finding the concreate that covered the back and front yard, or part of the house, below the vines.  As this was being won over the side drive looked bare in one area. Unpacking a bucket of saved rhizomes it took a while to work out where to plant them. While, nearly a year later there was a "Where to put these now question to be answered.

In this post we deal with the wow there is a space here to plant something ... What will that be question.

Where at the beginning of the first spring season in number 14 Jerusalem Artichokes were planted down the drive way with high anticipation the overall effect was a few struggling for water plants.

Over the growing season it became  highlighted that these plants did not like being under a very tall shady set of trees in a sun blocked area. Except to be scorched in the later afternoon by direct sun in high temperatures. Trapped in an unwater able area. Basically water as much as you like but all the water flowed down the drive way, and into the drains.

The result is the Jerusalem Artichoke root bases is about to be dug up and cleaned off. Then replanted into large pots, with soil and manure. Something they will love and placed into an area where the sun shines, the water is trapped and these dogs will love hiding among them again.

At number 19 it took nearly five years before the annual harvest was way to big for our needs. Thus these were dropped off at a delicatessen,  The locals there took their share.  The vegetable market sold off the rest. Which It must be admitted I found funny as this is where the original plant was purchased. 

The adventure with gardening is what goes around has a large probability of it coming back to you somehow.

Monday, 11 April 2022

Fridge Is Occupied - Open It's Door


Ever been in a house where the standard motto seems to be "Fridge is occupied - Open it's door." Meaning you cook for you you cook for others as well. Place the remainder into single serve containers in the fridge. 

Seems that the house at 14 tends to have people within who have various skills. When mum was both here, and at number 19, she enjoyed cooking. To some extent gardening.

The gardening at number nineteen was nearing its thirty year of me and my family being there.

Meanwhile this place had had concrete laid down just about every meter all over the yard. Front. Back. Left and right side.

Yet each of us has our own talents. Mine is like mums. Give us food and we create something. Errr what ever that was. Which is some of the reason why the garden is being grown.

For added incentive there are hundreds of recipes that are a creative adventure without a known end.

At number nineteen there was a comfortable kitchen [for one]. The second door was build over over twenty-five years ago. Which is probably why I'm still here as the second door was just in front of the oven.  That oven has been replaced four times by the landlord.

Here though is literally the first replacement oven still on the go. Should have seen the mess the oven and stove top was in 2021 after we, the three generations of one family  moved on.

Believe me there was a lot not quite right with the oven and stove top.

Things have changed in that respect somewhat. There are four stove top rigs that actually work now.  And an oven that somewhat pumps out the heat... The actual temperature as yet unknown. BUT the oven works.  So far 

  • Pies have been cooked in there.  
  • Home made pizzas [with home grown vegetables.]  Add the shop brought pizza bases topped up and altered. 
  • Bread from the basics.
  • Muffins and of course
  • slowly cooked cooked dinners
Note the words slowly cooked - it seems as though the adventures are adventures in living as well as reaching into other times of the people staying here lives.

Sometimes I've wondered at just how apt this quotes is "Be bold. Be strong for the Lord your God is with thee. " cause those times where the fridge is occupied - open it's door ! are really occurring very often, every day here.

Sunday, 10 April 2022

Hidden garden created for a dog

Dogs have a particular charm - but each dog live with their own behavior quirks. Yet many people are surprised at the characteristics shown by their own dogs. Especially when the dogs are spoken about while walking, or meeting other people and their dogs.

The twenty year old dog mainly spoken about in this post is a cross between a Kelpie and Long haired English Red Setter and the Southern Highland Dingo of Australia. The other dog spoken about is the first ones birth brother of the same.

Which one was born first no-one knows as that was done during the night. The mother never did reveal which one was first. She did clearly show who she favored though.  So the Ginger dog has cared after the Black and White more kelpie looking dog most of their life.

The community elders of this village allowed this dog to be cared for all these years by the family who has still are caring for these to part Dingo's, to this day.

As the years get on one brother is nearly fully blind, the other is heading that way. On walks , or in the yard the ginger one is the carer for the black and white more Kelpie type of dog. Both of these characters cheer the other up.

For a time the black and white one lived in the house that we have all moved into last year. The property 80% concreate and unless it had vehicle wheels no shade bar the car port of shade cloth.

But for fifteen years of the eighteen years of the red ones life the house was a government rental property. Lots of grass, hanging shrubs and cover amongst the trees grown. And cats! as both daughters had the cats and left them behind as well as the kelpie mother of the two then young dogs.

When the move happened from no 19 to no 14 the old tenant had ten cats. Needless to say many of these were extensively malnourished and thus extremely wild. The council loaned the traps. Collected the cats one by one. Most were repatriated through the Councils mental and physical health rehouse program.

All but one cat. This cat was simply to big for the trap door to close around him.

While humans could not get near this cat the ginger dog, Sox, could.

Over the last year the big fluffy white cat has stayed on the garage... it got locked in by mistake. As a result there were less mice in residence.  

There is one room outside not finished and the glass door cannot open or close properly.

Now sox often sits out there.  At one stage it was thought he was bussing his extra chicken drumstick [ meat and bones included]. But no. There seems to be an agreement between the two of that extra bone goes into the room. The cat is well fed I must admit.

The latest is the white cat that arrived and stayed last year when we all moved in is a friend of this dog [ called Sox]

Well, sox is often seen just sitting out the front of that open door that leads onto the wooden walkway.

The white lavender plants are potted, now placed along the garden side off the walkway, waiting for the other herbs such as Rosemary to be there as well. This combination will attract the bees for the pollination to occur of all these three little gardens.

The added benefit is sox loves flowers. Sox also enjoys 'hiding' among the plants. Thus there are as many easily accessed hidey holes as possible being created.

The pathway is kinda wide which allows for the pot plants to be placed on the house side of the walkway. Of course through 'entrances' between the potted plants is the garden where sox is encouraged to plant the chicken drumsticks so that they mature well!

Now the hide, bury and dig up later part of sox's nature is able to be catered for.

Make your life an adventure, even as you care for others within your life.


Adventures around and at home are fun.  Still enjoying it here.

Saturday, 9 April 2022

A Bag of dirt does well

 Adventures in creating a garden sometimes revolve around a simple bag of dirt.  It does well to remind yourself that there are ways of getting around perceived obstacles.  One of the best ways is just to get the job done.  What ever it takes.

In the last year there have been some interesting obstacles.  The latest being two vehicle and both with radiator challenges.  from that little nasty experience one now needs a new motor!

For the last few months this has meant catching public transport for many things.

This house, number 14, is right by public transport. 

  • Right out the front the buses go to the Churchill township. From here the Churchill town loop, out to Yinnar or even to Boolarra.
  • Across the road the busses go to Mid-Valley. From there they go onto Moe/Morwell, around Morwell, or to Traralgon.  Some busses also take you to Leongattha, near the Sourthern Victorian coast.
  • There is a walkway under the railway lines that either goes to the west, Melbourne and beyond. Or to as far East as in Bairnsdale. From there catch a bus to New South Wales.
Not that its where the local bags of garden peat need to come from. The brain perceived the gigantic hassle of how to get a trailer of peat/garden mulch to both the back and front of the yard - with zero vehicle available.

Which of course affected the once a year half price sale gain.  In the past up to fifty 25litre bags were purchased twice a year with the half cost option available.

Solution while other alternatives are sorted out.

As of last week the decision that each time the dogs food needs to be purchased, and be in one shopping bag, a bag, or two, of peat for the garden is purchased.  

Results those pot plants that had the last lot of compost have been topped up with a part bag of garden soil.

As each part of this garden grows there is a greater peace within the yard.  Besides the dogs totally enjoy there blooming garden.  Even with the fruit trees leaves finally beginning to yield to the winter season creeping in.

This shows just what a decision around a bag of dirt does.  Well that decision you make certainly allows progress to move forward and the dogs are happy to see you...

have arrived home safe and sound.

To Learn A New Language


To start to remember the old language there had to be a time that was was right .  That moment in time where you are ready and willing to learn a new language.

This post presents both the now decision to move forward in business as well as the past experience of being introduced to a different was of reading documents.  This takes those the post was intended to be into an area of their own life.  One moment where the present connects way back int your past that now becomes clearer as to why that happened way back then.

Early in twothousandandandtwenty a challenge came into life. A person suggested that a site was visited and joined.  No it was not multi-marketing site.

In fact it was an official Government site.  It took a few weeks convincing to even think about this action.  Even then an accountant from church came to home and spoke to this person.

. After he had thoroughly questioned what my thoughts were, what was wanted to actually achieve, and where I believed this process would take me to

As it turned out this is now April the ninth 2021.Today a contract with my business has finally been roughed out.

Actually putting pen to blank paper being done with ease. Meaning the words flowed. There is now a basic one page contract written. Let's say there will be more to add, more to write and and more of the contractual words in found, understood and used... more hand printed copies to be rewritten.

Now all that has to happen is the step by step written subsections to be included in a future contract to be duly notated, autographed, stamped and filed duly within the documents received. Strangely enough it all takes me back into the nineteen hundred and late seventies, early eighties time when stocktaking and finding a box full of documents all hand written.

Butterflies Are Amazing

Well I was asked to stock take everything from there to here... and so I did. Turns out that that box had been missing a long time.  

This memory, like a butterfly being a focal point in a busy day, has literally opened it's own Pandora's box within a newly combined pathway ahead.

Find your memory  moments that create something you have been doing for years [ or decades] connect those two things smile and move forward.

Thursday, 7 April 2022

Specificity Within The Inner Vision

The house at number 14 stood for a long time with people within who needed a very clear, and concise, combined inner vision .

At the moment there are two of us here. Both heading towards one vision. The third has now come forward in their own way. The fourth arrives has an interesting life's path of "Prove it to me" before they come fully into this vision. The fifth person has the house and land package we all are bettering now in a combined set of actions.

The important thing is unity with clarity, mixed in a common belief - rather than displacement and chaos's.

Sometimes it takes the mending, and letting go of people who are in your lives in order for you to gain that clarity. Then it seems people step forward. Some of these people are in response to something you have done, are doing or about to do.  

This post is a small piece of a day when this has happened.

Every two weeks has become a travel to another town day. It's a day where there are people who are chatted too as they go about their daily business.

This season there were tomatoes, lots of tomatoes growing in the garden. Its now April and slowly the last fruits are coming off the tomatoes plants.

The season has been one where the dehydrator has been going actively nearly every day for a few weeks. Slowly though the tomatoes are taking their time to ripen. 

The challenger is that With the coffee drinkers not here the jars that held the coffee are slow in coming forward.  Thus a charity shop was asked to look out for the particular glass jars where when the dehydrated fruits were ready the seasoning added, the lids were placed on. The plastic seal created. 

This day was one were those twenty odd coffee jars were small.  Although two were actually large.

Meanwhile, while in that first charity shop, three pairs of footwear were seen. You know those impulse buys that you are guided to take home. Well by the end of the evening there were three really happy people. Boats and a set of shoes for winter wear.

But there was no square pieces for the dinner table. So off to another charity shop it was.

With me the decision to have square plates has been an interesting discovery. For a few trips over there the pull was to go to down another part of that town to another shop. That's were I was yesterday. In that shop looking at the same stock on the shelves that was given away in 2019.

Leaving many of the pieces there was a challenge. As it turned out the suitcase tipped over with the  'crunch" heard. When home it was found while unpacking the rounded section in the square edged plate was broken. Somehow there was a knowing that that plate was not going to get into house no 14.

This minor set back of a couple of dollars has been another reminder that the specifics of a vision you choose to take must be specific. If deep down the rounded edges were needed then the vision would have had rounded edges.

Be it noted that there was an amendment earliest in the week. That when eight square dinner set cups, once found and brought back to number 14's dinner table setting, would replace all other cups used with this 'white square dinner table set".

This all fell into learned technique that makes you need the specificity within the inner vision very clearly and to do so with the grace of a smile among everyone concerned.

Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Dogs Forever Are Young At Heart

 Today is amazing.  Once again there was a dog walk earlier this morning.  These two twenty year old dogs, they loved it.

Right now there are two precious sound asleep dogs. Forever young at heart. There ways are set. Their needs are few. Here is a story of the first morning walk for a few days down this particular stretch of road.

Wandering around sniffing the tree trunks, grass tops.   Seeing where the councils tractors have mowed the side grassy verges.

All three of us cross the road at one place as the dogs there constantly do their job and bark a friendly hello.  They can also jump the fence.

Half way round that misty, light rain came through.  At the bottom of the hill sunshine and pee spots for the dogs.

Also the kangaroo's had been there.  Sox the golden furred one, enjoyed "after shaving himself!" with the aroma. Meanwhile expecting a belly rub.

Noticed yet another impossible property house had been constricted.  The drive way approach into the garage is a trifle odd. The owner/tenant will need to invest in a small car  just to make the sharp turn in.

Soon it was up the hill. There used to be a really easy access point to the other road. Progress ... another house has been built.

Soon the tops of the road was achieved.  The dogs are slowly slowing down.  Yet, inside them they view their world as though they are puppies.

It's just their bodies  forget that there are now a few aches and [pains.

Currently we are in the office.  They are on one of their mattresses. Sound asleep. Until there is movement from this seat.

Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Ants This Time Under The Dog Bowl

ANTS! This time under the dog bowl. I froze.  Put down the water bowl. And did what any normal person would do.  Groaned! 

 This post is about dealing with those ants, and the dogs looking on in wonder at their invited guests.  

On this site is a post about ants that made their home in a hanging plant at an old address. In that post camphor was mentioned as a treatment... but did I remember where I'd put the camphor?

This year there seems to be more ants popping up all over number 14.

Accepted are these factors that may have attracted these ants.

  • The dogs are burying their dinner bones outside -where and when they can.
  • There are compost bins happening out the back.
  • One worm farm out the back.
  • Erratic climate as it's been a wet season so far.
  • Plants near the house.
  • Plants growing well in the back yard [in pots]
That being the case then why are the ants under their water bowl inside near the washing machine? Or should I say why were there ants there!

The low bench top soon got washed in hot boiling water. These two twenty year old dogs looked on as though murder of their companions was being committed. Just for a moment guilt flashed over my mind.

That's when it was realized the floor had not been washed that week in the normal strong bleach clean down.

Needless to say everything around that area also got washed and bleached. 

Including the the dogs a few days later!  

In summing up this adventure with the insects and the dogs it seemed that everything had just a moment to connect together. I had forgotten that just like people, the ants would have screamed at the hot water treatment. Hence the look on the dogs faces.

Made me wonder where the ants would next appear as its gradually sliding into winter here.

But more importantly over the years, and one move into this address, the camphor needed resupply. This time the camphor will be 
  1. replaced
  2. labeled "Killer for ants." 
  3. placed in an airtight bag and 
  4. maybe not stored for ten odd years before being sort out for use.

This time the dogs will be taken out while under the dog bowl the process is done in quiet to make sure  there will be no ants in residence!

Monday, 4 April 2022

Update On The Four Newest Egg Plants Survival

One Week After Transplanting

 The first few days were hair-raising.  These little eggplants were purchased very dehydrated. One long two day soak in the bath later signs of a new life energy radiated from them.

Love doing this.

Into the garden bed they went

Just checking out the newer egg plants in their bed. Noticed a little flower on the plant. Wow. 

When instinct guides You

Really have to research more before buying the throwaways from garden centers.

These egg plants are most probably planted in the wrong spot.  They are among the onions, lettuce seedlings and lots of year old parsley.  Currently with one Silverbeat plant [it's kin being spinach there could be a liking there.

There is adequate drainage.  The wind is not really windy due to the large protective fence around it. 

This year a long sprinkler hose will be in position.

Its a wait and see now 

Oops re the compost that is already there.  And then more was added.

Plus the compost and manure will have settled down.

Lean on me

Over this last season there were so many tomatoes that the dehydrator got a shock.  The height of the plants just kept on going upwards.  And then the wind got in one day.  The weight  literally bent the bamboo stakes.  

The glass topped table in the BBQ area became the resting place for the tomatoes.

Lessons were learned...

Today the wooden stakes get purchased.  Carried home on the bus.  Now that's going to be fun!

Anticipate the best outcome

The egg plants will carry on this season.  Okay a little early in there. Like one winter early and this one looks to be cold and wet. 

 Even so the stakes will be driven in and the ratty old tea towel seen will soon be cloth holding the plants up.  Once they grow that is.

Back up plan

Beans will replace the Eggplants if there is a 'need be' humbling situation.

Sunday, 3 April 2022

Change The Thinking To Open More doors Than Before

Yesterdays post concentrated on the benefits to the eye site of people who garden.  Basically gardening involves stretching the eye , plus removing yourself away from the concentrated light source of a computer screen.

What this all boil down to was an often purpose use of the computer and internet break.  Additionally the need to stretch and use natural light hobbies such as things loved... plants.  

In this post we are moved from the fixated computer screen mindset into  making different, personal connection, and thus being able to change the mindset of thinking into a different finishing point.

Plants lead to gardening, earth and in pot plant containers.  A friend gave their worm farm to me.  His landlords son had feed his worms meat. A not to do action  apparently.

The need for compost lead to the first compost bin, then three more given. 

After all this the shift into no 14 has now lead to rearrangements of certain areas.  The area concentered for the next few days is the area between out the back of the garage and the back fence.

Primarily the moving of old heavy car or truck parts to away from the fence.

The fence is due to be replaced by the owners of the fence who happen to be the housing commission.  Local council insist of concrete at the bottom of chicken runs.  Well that is a terrific thing as the owner of this place put in the attachments X distance from the fence line as the area was concreted.

Funny but he also built area for tires. Most of which have been removed by people scaling the fences.  That leaves the remaining tires going into a safe place. 

Grin cause that now means the planned chicken laying boxes be built built where the tires used to be.  Basically out of the excess heat of summer, the cold wind tunnels of winter and out of the way for the day activities.

That future laying box area even has a corrugated roof already built.

The basic tools are already available.  The
  • electric saw and drills
  • safety electrical cords and switches
  • goggles and head protective gear
  •  Even a couple of friends to help lift the corrugated and wire fences up into place.
The knowing of a business that will supply/transport the wood. Another business the metal fencing plus the sheets of roofing.  Just need a person who knows how to sort out the guttering.

Hang on there are two out buildings here that need the new corrugated iron go on. Make arrangements for the same person the do both jobs and the hen run has this initial roofing , along with the fencing already sorted out.

As was referred to just to have a free time within the gardening scene brings about many changes within your own mental connectivity.  

Saturday, 2 April 2022

These Are Some Of The Eye Benefits Of Gardening

  Todays the day before the neighborhoods green waste goes out.  Which means there is a busy day ahead just in the behind the garden produce screens.

For over thirty years my eyes have been fixed to the computer screen for sometimes just 2 hours a day and others many hours until the next day.

Yet , surprisingly this year while at the opticians the back of the eye xray surprised the optician.

There is very little signs of aging or damage.

In 1985 when I first came to Australia , there was a news article on the study of Russian secretaries and their eyesight.  Many who used the computers had damage to the back of the eyes.  

But those that used computer screens had significantly much less damage occurring. This test was redone a few years later.  The screens had hindered the onset of what ever had been happening to the retina.

Three things have been done since then.

  1. Gardening has always been an interest. It's easier to have gardens outside than all over the floor when children are young.  Those gardens changed over time. No longer fenced off for children [ but yes for dogs.]
  2. The screens of the computer stand 30 cm higher than the keyboard on the desk. Meaning there is a stretching of the neck and shoulders in order to read the screen.  Good for the posture too.
  3. The use of top half of glasses with the sleep apnea colors to suit the iris reactive coordination necessary.  Yes being hyper sensitive to bright lights has had a great effect on the wearing of light blockers.
When your life becomes inter-digitalized there is a forced habit to create.  Stretch the eyes exercises.

Not sure about you, but the word exercise tends to create havocs with mental time tables.

That said, give the brain rest and time out. Do something you love to do.  Well gardening seems to be the thing that has saved the back of the retina.  So the fact that Its fun also appeals.  Plus can do it at odd hours of the day.

Adventures With Growing Pumpkins At Number 14

 Turns out a new adventure was to green the "no 14" in the small vegetable growing areas.  That is after the blackberries were pulled out for one thing.

The blackberries still are a bit of a challenge.  Nothing a little watering and a long screw driver cannot fix.  Just loosen the dirt around the blackberry root.  Place hand low down, grasp and gently tug the root away from the main runner somewhere under the live pumpkins.

Actually this is a sustainable Black Berry 'weed control' method here due to a piece of rope attacked to two pieces of wall.   And dehydrating the Blackberry.  Now there is Blackberry leaf lea to enjoy while working in amongst the pumpkin vines trailing on the concreate outside of the garden bed areas.

The bigger challenge is to actually reach the garden areas.  WHY?

Because even though it has entered into the cooler Autumn time here in the South Eastern area of Victoria, [ Australia] there have been really strange weather patterns.

So it's April and the pumpkins are still in flower.  The male flowers falling away after the bees visit.

The fruit of the vine [ so to speak] is growing into smaller pumpkins, butter nuts and gourds.  Miniature one useful with Autumn and winter decretive serves.

Maybe the seeds out of these ones are a bit small, however the larger pumpkins have edible to be gently dried off and become dehydrated seeds.

As these pumpkins made good use of the metal wire up the fence they went.  What was the first think seen as the fruit started to expand... they just hung there.  The vines were strong enough to hold the pumpkins weight.

Not knowing anything different a lot of compost kept being added around the plants.  As the pumpkins need a lot of water the dip feed system right now is being prepared for an all round experience next year.  

Simply by placing a large plastic bag under the pot and up the sides of the pot the amount of water wastage is then minimized, and thus growth maximized.

Possibly in large plant buckets as the back yard needs something else in it besides the concreate.  The thought of having trellis's  around the back yard or even tripods as a way of ventilating the pumpkin runners, or helping the dogs here not stand on the vines.  They, these twenty year old nearly blind dogs, then stop and look really lost amongst the pumpkin patch.

Yet they will love the share give to them as the dogs lie in the shade.

The advantage here is that the different varieties may be placed in different areas. In some cases utilizing the yet to be built chicken run and the gazebo for over the picnic areas.  One in the BBQ area and the other in the actual back yard.

 As well these plant buckets would act as a mound of compost and manure, along with their own worm farm.  Curtsey of the worms from the worm farm out the back for the two to three seeds to grow within each pumpkin vine to be seed pot.

As the pots will be prepared nearer spring the calcium levels in the soil will receive a fish skeleton each.  Just the same as the tomatoes enjoy each year.

For weeks now though the pumpkins keep growing - even though the leaves have shown signs of drying off.  These same leaves have been cut away.  rather than walk them to the compost area. straight away onto the garden beds they went.  That way the direct watering pressure was landing on the leaves no longer required for growth.

Pumpkin's are a warmer climate plant.  They really like 15.5 Deg Celsius However, as this post is being typed the first of the near icy cold rains are falling It's my guess that very soon the vines may have to be cut back. Fruit from the vines plucked.

Fare thee well 2021/2 pumpkin growing season.  Looking forward to the germination of the new pumpkins.  Hopefully have enough pumpkin to get through the then growing period of another four months

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