Friday, 22 April 2022

the beginning of an adventure started

In this post lay the beginning of an adventure started a few years ago as the mind began to really recognize the past as the past.  Became less confused  and abel to deal with the future. Each day a new adventure amplifies that chosen new future..  

Now the doors in the mind have jimmied the door back open again. Truly it is amazing what happens when that mind becomes open to different adventures.  

Simple open the mind, and thus drag up your own potentials, dust them off, line these potentials up, then take action to polish one aspect at a time... YES amazing things happen.

A good few years ago now this blog was actually started. Other things over the last  well since 2002 have been played with as different skills were looked into.

What was stated in 2020 was another twitter account. Once again the intentions were great but has different things took importance the twitter account, like other platforms just seemed to be placed aside. An off and on again thing. 

Then came the decision to advertise or not to advertise. Well the ball is still out on that count. But the interest is gathering in different a direction.

People often want financial gain and the bigger, quicker the better. There are things that are old ways.  These old ways are based on the words you use attracting different, but same frame of minded people into your following.  It does not stop there. The next phase is to introduce to them the thought of like minds.  You , the advertiser not only need to learn the advertising skill but the need to be constantly funding the advertising is there.

This is where a friend point out that there is a need for same online income.  When you have skills sharpened keep the skills sharpe. Tackle things different and be able to use your skills to become your own business.

Thus once again getting distracted the basic profile had been created.

Now an older family member has been struggling to find work.  The skills are many but the time to fine tune into just one field is at hand.  That family member has decided to:

    • Give other people the change to read out load to her.  What ever the age they are.
Thus the email flue out into the cyberspace and suggested to them to try Guru.  There they can fill out their own profile. 

  • You advertise your profile around the chosen area your want people to come to find you at..
  • Your costs are there.
  • Even when people are engaged with advertising on the big platforms these smaller 'start ups' that know what they are \doing , and are easy to check your profile out on .
  • They hire you for something big, or small.
  • Payment is made and you get a review. The reviews then grow and so does the push for your services.
  • Secondarily they may have skills that either you do not have, or recognize that time is of the essence.
This is how people form their skills based communities.

Hopefully this post has titled your interest in checking out Guru.

Yes this is the link into Guru through Susan Lewis online

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