Thursday, 7 April 2022

Specificity Within The Inner Vision

The house at number 14 stood for a long time with people within who needed a very clear, and concise, combined inner vision .

At the moment there are two of us here. Both heading towards one vision. The third has now come forward in their own way. The fourth arrives has an interesting life's path of "Prove it to me" before they come fully into this vision. The fifth person has the house and land package we all are bettering now in a combined set of actions.

The important thing is unity with clarity, mixed in a common belief - rather than displacement and chaos's.

Sometimes it takes the mending, and letting go of people who are in your lives in order for you to gain that clarity. Then it seems people step forward. Some of these people are in response to something you have done, are doing or about to do.  

This post is a small piece of a day when this has happened.

Every two weeks has become a travel to another town day. It's a day where there are people who are chatted too as they go about their daily business.

This season there were tomatoes, lots of tomatoes growing in the garden. Its now April and slowly the last fruits are coming off the tomatoes plants.

The season has been one where the dehydrator has been going actively nearly every day for a few weeks. Slowly though the tomatoes are taking their time to ripen. 

The challenger is that With the coffee drinkers not here the jars that held the coffee are slow in coming forward.  Thus a charity shop was asked to look out for the particular glass jars where when the dehydrated fruits were ready the seasoning added, the lids were placed on. The plastic seal created. 

This day was one were those twenty odd coffee jars were small.  Although two were actually large.

Meanwhile, while in that first charity shop, three pairs of footwear were seen. You know those impulse buys that you are guided to take home. Well by the end of the evening there were three really happy people. Boats and a set of shoes for winter wear.

But there was no square pieces for the dinner table. So off to another charity shop it was.

With me the decision to have square plates has been an interesting discovery. For a few trips over there the pull was to go to down another part of that town to another shop. That's were I was yesterday. In that shop looking at the same stock on the shelves that was given away in 2019.

Leaving many of the pieces there was a challenge. As it turned out the suitcase tipped over with the  'crunch" heard. When home it was found while unpacking the rounded section in the square edged plate was broken. Somehow there was a knowing that that plate was not going to get into house no 14.

This minor set back of a couple of dollars has been another reminder that the specifics of a vision you choose to take must be specific. If deep down the rounded edges were needed then the vision would have had rounded edges.

Be it noted that there was an amendment earliest in the week. That when eight square dinner set cups, once found and brought back to number 14's dinner table setting, would replace all other cups used with this 'white square dinner table set".

This all fell into learned technique that makes you need the specificity within the inner vision very clearly and to do so with the grace of a smile among everyone concerned.

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