Saturday, 9 April 2022

A Bag of dirt does well

 Adventures in creating a garden sometimes revolve around a simple bag of dirt.  It does well to remind yourself that there are ways of getting around perceived obstacles.  One of the best ways is just to get the job done.  What ever it takes.

In the last year there have been some interesting obstacles.  The latest being two vehicle and both with radiator challenges.  from that little nasty experience one now needs a new motor!

For the last few months this has meant catching public transport for many things.

This house, number 14, is right by public transport. 

  • Right out the front the buses go to the Churchill township. From here the Churchill town loop, out to Yinnar or even to Boolarra.
  • Across the road the busses go to Mid-Valley. From there they go onto Moe/Morwell, around Morwell, or to Traralgon.  Some busses also take you to Leongattha, near the Sourthern Victorian coast.
  • There is a walkway under the railway lines that either goes to the west, Melbourne and beyond. Or to as far East as in Bairnsdale. From there catch a bus to New South Wales.
Not that its where the local bags of garden peat need to come from. The brain perceived the gigantic hassle of how to get a trailer of peat/garden mulch to both the back and front of the yard - with zero vehicle available.

Which of course affected the once a year half price sale gain.  In the past up to fifty 25litre bags were purchased twice a year with the half cost option available.

Solution while other alternatives are sorted out.

As of last week the decision that each time the dogs food needs to be purchased, and be in one shopping bag, a bag, or two, of peat for the garden is purchased.  

Results those pot plants that had the last lot of compost have been topped up with a part bag of garden soil.

As each part of this garden grows there is a greater peace within the yard.  Besides the dogs totally enjoy there blooming garden.  Even with the fruit trees leaves finally beginning to yield to the winter season creeping in.

This shows just what a decision around a bag of dirt does.  Well that decision you make certainly allows progress to move forward and the dogs are happy to see you...

have arrived home safe and sound.

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