Sunday, 3 April 2022

Change The Thinking To Open More doors Than Before

Yesterdays post concentrated on the benefits to the eye site of people who garden.  Basically gardening involves stretching the eye , plus removing yourself away from the concentrated light source of a computer screen.

What this all boil down to was an often purpose use of the computer and internet break.  Additionally the need to stretch and use natural light hobbies such as things loved... plants.  

In this post we are moved from the fixated computer screen mindset into  making different, personal connection, and thus being able to change the mindset of thinking into a different finishing point.

Plants lead to gardening, earth and in pot plant containers.  A friend gave their worm farm to me.  His landlords son had feed his worms meat. A not to do action  apparently.

The need for compost lead to the first compost bin, then three more given. 

After all this the shift into no 14 has now lead to rearrangements of certain areas.  The area concentered for the next few days is the area between out the back of the garage and the back fence.

Primarily the moving of old heavy car or truck parts to away from the fence.

The fence is due to be replaced by the owners of the fence who happen to be the housing commission.  Local council insist of concrete at the bottom of chicken runs.  Well that is a terrific thing as the owner of this place put in the attachments X distance from the fence line as the area was concreted.

Funny but he also built area for tires. Most of which have been removed by people scaling the fences.  That leaves the remaining tires going into a safe place. 

Grin cause that now means the planned chicken laying boxes be built built where the tires used to be.  Basically out of the excess heat of summer, the cold wind tunnels of winter and out of the way for the day activities.

That future laying box area even has a corrugated roof already built.

The basic tools are already available.  The
  • electric saw and drills
  • safety electrical cords and switches
  • goggles and head protective gear
  •  Even a couple of friends to help lift the corrugated and wire fences up into place.
The knowing of a business that will supply/transport the wood. Another business the metal fencing plus the sheets of roofing.  Just need a person who knows how to sort out the guttering.

Hang on there are two out buildings here that need the new corrugated iron go on. Make arrangements for the same person the do both jobs and the hen run has this initial roofing , along with the fencing already sorted out.

As was referred to just to have a free time within the gardening scene brings about many changes within your own mental connectivity.  

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