Friday, 1 April 2005

Companion planting was a real world thing

Years ago, way back before the truck hit the van I was driving, campion planting was a real, world thing.  Indeed it was as a small child working with my grandfather that this was seen, not understood at only  the first six years of life. 

Indeed even though my dad moved around in his job other families help this basic knowledge develop.

One family was a large family of Maori folk who lived in Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand. Later there was my mothers garden. Still after that the garden that had no children in it 'helping' was my mother-in-laws.

There was a few commonalities through out these different peoples garden. 

  • Tilling the earth.
  • Adding natural things to enhance the earth.
  • Companion planting was another
  • Along with planting by the moon phases 
Most peoples sung, hummed or just prayed in their own way. Each person worked within the etheric self and 'touched the energy of the plants' into growth feelings along with the earths vibrations.

Should anyone be in pain within , or have pain felling's, there was, and still is that connection into the earth that seems to just take everything away.

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