Sunday, 24 April 2022

Excited over three screw ups

This may seems as a surprise. Just to be excited over three screws. Up there are three lousy screws that had given  so much trouble over the last week.

These three screws were in the bracket that used to hold the older screen door hydraulic closing of the screen door pump thing.

Up high, right there, just out of reach ... that is until the idea came.  Try the thing that loosens up many bits of metal.  Took a second to look in the car and there it was One can of WD 40 lubricant. 

Now the screws refused to budge. Three different manual screw drivers later the new drill was remembered. Dare I?  But wait that would mean charging it as the drill was so new it had not even been unpacked.

Well after a while one screw came out. Very reluctantly. Very, very reluctantly. You could literally hear this screw holder laughing at you!

Then again where there is a Susan, there is a way!  Sometimes uncongenial and a little extremum.  But when something actually clicks into overdrive and works lets share the adventure, add a few smiles and learn from everything.

Over the last week the front door frame had the paint stripped from it.  And then again and again. The paint stripper ran out.  A second larger can was brought.

The linoleum has blotches of brown paint on it. There are rough patches where the paint has congealed in odd corners and out of reach places. Well they will be dealt with with a sanding block and sandpaper.. That is the next job on the list.

Meanwhile, there was the screws to be removed so all the door frame will be back down to bare wood.  Can be totally sanded, primed and finally painted with exterior oil paint.

What has been really interesting is that a painter that is known to us is totally surprised at the level of workmanship that has gone into the very basics of the activity. He'ld thought all that was going to happen was  a quick paint. Boy some people are critical . Yet there is also a quiet honor of going above and beyond expectations.

This even happened with the screws that just would not come out of the frame work.

Two things happened today. The first was frustration and the second was a brilliant idea. The Stanley knife plus the hammer. Add that to the three screwdrivers, the wd40 and the new drill

The three manual screw drivers were tried. One way to big just in case! This one was for something on machines or engines. Well they all go back in the shed tomorrow as it is dark now.

The one screw being out was now really frustrating.

On the shelves in the dining room are a lot of tools not yet back in the shed. These tools finding their home back in the shed starts tomorrow.  Amongst them are the hammers... one with claws. Plus a Stanley knife. Both these came to the front door.  

The Stanley knife blade cut the paint and then went under the bracket. The result was the loosening of  the suction effect. Then carefully the tips of the blade went around the base of the screw.

Next came the craw hammer. Place and tug. Once on the right, then on the left. Followed by Bang, Bang on each side.  Something shifted.

But hang on there is a button here.  The battery powered drill turns to the left and to the right.  More easily if the drill is horizontals and at first pushing downwards while turning.  That means the seal is now effectively ripped apart, not just broken.

That smile whipped around my lips and went all through as everything relaxed.  Besides being a wow moment there was that  Hallelujah it's done tingle.

Remembered that at breakfast this morning His help was asked for. This house will be worthy. It may not be a palace full of earthly riches and jewels. But it will be a place of God's peace to be found. There has been so much stress and unrest through out the lives of people within this house over all of this houses years that this place, tucked just above and behind the bus stop has had to change.

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