Monday, 11 April 2022

Fridge Is Occupied - Open It's Door


Ever been in a house where the standard motto seems to be "Fridge is occupied - Open it's door." Meaning you cook for you you cook for others as well. Place the remainder into single serve containers in the fridge. 

Seems that the house at 14 tends to have people within who have various skills. When mum was both here, and at number 19, she enjoyed cooking. To some extent gardening.

The gardening at number nineteen was nearing its thirty year of me and my family being there.

Meanwhile this place had had concrete laid down just about every meter all over the yard. Front. Back. Left and right side.

Yet each of us has our own talents. Mine is like mums. Give us food and we create something. Errr what ever that was. Which is some of the reason why the garden is being grown.

For added incentive there are hundreds of recipes that are a creative adventure without a known end.

At number nineteen there was a comfortable kitchen [for one]. The second door was build over over twenty-five years ago. Which is probably why I'm still here as the second door was just in front of the oven.  That oven has been replaced four times by the landlord.

Here though is literally the first replacement oven still on the go. Should have seen the mess the oven and stove top was in 2021 after we, the three generations of one family  moved on.

Believe me there was a lot not quite right with the oven and stove top.

Things have changed in that respect somewhat. There are four stove top rigs that actually work now.  And an oven that somewhat pumps out the heat... The actual temperature as yet unknown. BUT the oven works.  So far 

  • Pies have been cooked in there.  
  • Home made pizzas [with home grown vegetables.]  Add the shop brought pizza bases topped up and altered. 
  • Bread from the basics.
  • Muffins and of course
  • slowly cooked cooked dinners
Note the words slowly cooked - it seems as though the adventures are adventures in living as well as reaching into other times of the people staying here lives.

Sometimes I've wondered at just how apt this quotes is "Be bold. Be strong for the Lord your God is with thee. " cause those times where the fridge is occupied - open it's door ! are really occurring very often, every day here.

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