Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Gardening As An On Growing Adventure

 Gardening in itself is an adventure. To grow something from seed, seedling, and finally to pick the fruit of that plant, even the removal of what was has discoveries of its own.

It's mid April and Easter is here this weekend. This is a turning point in the year. The winter crops are needing to go it... and the summer crops are fighting on, still producing as they enjoy the suns warmth. 

As an adventure, this adventure is a life adventure, in that many times it carries on each passing season.  What you see and what is prepared for, done and even reorganized different adds a flavor of change into the over all garden mix.

The adventure is a dynamic mix of fast learning online, memories from way back, while making use of what you have when you have it.

Many generations later there are still memories of sitting down with my great grandfather in a garden with tall plants, a wooden shed, tools, and the neighbors goat that climbed the fence. Hey all the gardens then had livestock. Great Granddad used to look after their gardens too. His of course was build just below there ones.

Then there was Granddads one.  Mums one and for as many years as I can now remember a garden of some sorts growing somewhere where I've lived.  Pot plants inside, or out.  Garden inbuilt - behind brick or wooden sleepers, or dug into the earth.

These gardens of course had to be removed when moving on. Due to the ground cover being mostly  concrete, instead of clay here, many of the plants are in pots above the land.


But the most important thing to remember is that with this adventure there is the arrival at home - even tonight.

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