Tuesday, 30 December 2003

Information About The Artichoke Plant

 Plant - Artichoke

    * Good Companion - Asparagus, Cabbage Family, Peas [ they exude nitrogen], sunflowers, tarragon

        Aromatic herbs such as - 

            Flowers -

            Vegetables- Corn as it provides some shade during the hottest months.

                                Cucumbers - Artichoke makes a good trellis for cucumbers

            Boosts: flowering the artichoke attracts many beneficial pollinators into the area.

                Compliments the growth of 

        **  Bad Companion - Potatoes

            Pests - 

            Down Side - 

    • Heavy, very heavy nitrogen feeders.
    • Love extra rich, slightly alkaline soil.
    • Loves soil that drains well
    • Constant, and generous supply of water
    • Soil that is loose and well tilled.
    • Big leaves means lots of space around the plant that will be in shadow.
    • May grow up to a meter each side of the core stem, which also will grow up to 1 meter tall [ 4 ft]
        *** Uses For Artichoke : this is a plant that every part has so many uses it's truly amazing

The amazing thing is that what is in this garden is doin okay. Besides that some of the advantages of these artichokes include the kitchen and dining room 
.  And it's great to be able to be here growing the artichokes in the bigger plant pots.

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