Thursday, 31 December 2009

Life Began With A Choice Made

Dramatically life began with a choice made. The blogs in this Susan's Off On Adventures are mainly written in receptiveness.  Many of the adventures in this life have had to be sorted through to be painfully and surprisingly put back together.  Thus the writer is now a mix of what was, who she is currently and what ever she may turn around to be within the future life here.

Naming this site was an adventure in itself. From that point onwards things had a tendency to rapidly alter course.

The pathway has taken various routes.  At first upsetting and distracting as the blockage had to be removed. A new focus realigning meant integration of new everything's. Different aspects. Various variations to try out.

The site was originally created as there was a window of opportunity to include travel, camping, touring and activities.  Meet people, see places.

We will travel in the memories of New Zealand.  The family as it was growing up, living in the early twenties until my husband and I came to Australia. 

Now though its in the 2022 year that this actual post is written.  The furthest that the Google timeline could go [at this point.]

There is still travel though to go into in this big country called Australia. maybe one day there is a visit to my own homeland. So far there was a visit a forebears country.

Camping happened. Canoeing lessons. Trips for work. Moving around the eastern side of Australia, and the western side of New South Wales.

Well off to the forebears country eventually I flew. Back to this country I came. 

That three weeks just could have been the end of the adventures. Typically that is what people may think.

Guess what... Life is an adventure. Was proven to be an adventure. Guess what... even looking at things retrospectively there has been many adventures of different types within this gift of life given back to me.

Took me a little while to catch up with this though as so much imploded, exploded and just railroaded, while the world spun off it's axel and people went away.  Some departed. Others just closed off - calling it 'retirement.'

Lessons reinforced: In my world this is how I got through. Strangely God has a plan, He knows the choices that are there for each of us to make. He also knows the outcomes that are special in this very beautiful world. 

Just understand That Life Is A Whole Big Adventure is something special to know.  

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