Friday, 15 April 2022

Literally Turn Your Day Into Another Adventure


This post is about a surprise visit from a relative that literally turned the day into another adventure. "Mmmm" This is what happened. Just to show you how a simple day can easily turn into an unknown adventure where the destinations activities change everything. 

The day had been full of phone calls made. One to mum,  and others to two friends.

One of these friends was for about three hours while together we nutted out some basic plans for a projects being done. Needless to say that the adventures into filing receipts was slowly loosing ground. 

So too was the watering of the garden and the redoing the soaker hose placements around the garden beds. It's hard to concentrate on two different things at a time that take focus and definite concentration. Instead lunch for Easter Friday was completed.

So now the time was about 4pm and those computer bits had to get started... or take a hint and complete everything tomorrow.

Choice came, and went as it soon became very clear that there was something else organizing the day.

Did try and should have taken the hint. Just sat down to the computer. Opened up the spreadsheet for notes and data entry.

There came a sound that sounded familiar. A vehicle pulled into the drive way. That could not be right. This relative had made other plans... they must have changed somewhat.

Standing now on the front porch there was a Ute in the drive. First thought was there any lunch left?  Yes. Good going to need that. Wait was there any thing suitable for tomorrows lunch? Must get out of the freezer tonight.

While those thoughts were zipping round a chuckle and huge smile crept through the air. Out came a potted plant. The pot first. And the rose was a long one at over a meter tall. Carefully, so as not to damage it.... 

That is when he saw who was on the front porch.  "Hi Mum. Brought you a rose from work. It's got a perfume, and is an old fashion rose."

Next came the 50 liter black box... full with washing to be done! "Oh I missed washing day" stated with a Smile..... Knew that those new pegs would come in handy.  The ones not yet unraveled and still sitting on the cupboard shelf.

There in lay what focused needed activity was going to get precedence this evening! Now instead of working away on the financial books the evening has been spent doing activities between washing machine and clothes line.

Instead the watering of the garden has been done. After the repotting of the rose. But it's soil was dry. It's not now and so a multitude of watering  related activities got underway. It was amazing to know just how much weeds clung.

Next to this was another potted plant and this one had small weeds growing. Needless to say those got weeded out as well. Everything in a pot had the same type of grass and small weeds removed.

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