Thursday, 21 April 2022

Recognize the past, deal with the future

A big part of healing is to recognize the past, as it was, forgive, then take steps forward as best you can, deal with the future.

In this post we meet Sarah, via a chance meeting as the dogs and I walked through the park. We'd last met and spoken too about twenty years ago.

The story went like this....

Time to walk these dogs again the smell of the peeling paint was getting to me. This time we went via the park. The thing is in the park along the concreate foot paths people have been smashing bottles.

Now it is much easier  staying clear of the footpaths - especially when the dogs are on the leash.

Nearly half way there and it would have been time to cross the road and head down the rest of the walk to a small bridge near the community house/ library and also the Latrobe University accommodations.

Instead, we met a lady down near the short walk in the parks half way point. Recognized the face, and that was from way back. Like twenty years ago. This was Sarah. A grown up Sarah. 

As a young lady I'd given one of my paintings to her and another to an elder friend.

Over a cuppa Sarah asked did I still paint. Not unless you count the door then the entrance.  The toilet and bathroom  The building of the shelves here and the cutting of the doorway here. Shifting the shower ninety degrees that way. Removing the bathtub. Retiling, repainting and moving the washing machine in to the bathroom area too.

Here, in the dining room there will be shelves and cupboards  This room, the hall way, entrance, toilet and bathroom will all have butterflies, flowers, worms herbs, a veritable productive garden. with ferns, hanging baskets full of flowers, dragon flies.... the list went on.

Describing this seen to Sarah was fun as it seemed like she too was seeing the end result. This house walls inside being pure white enamel, with God's life force energy flowing through it.

A house full of the love within the innocence of life. A place where negatives of life are not able to kill the body, nor be able to delete the soul.

Myself ...  well I sat there letting the mouth talk while watching the pictures come through the spoken words relayed into something like a walk in visual dynamic life force on the walls, roof and doors. Among the physical plants outside, the waterfall [not yet here] and the chicken house and run.

Soon enough it was time to walk Sarah to the bus stop. As we sat there Sox came up and quite happily said hello. Obviously the front door had not been closed enough. Something to do with the paint stripper still being used on the wide open wooden door. 

The next time this painting of the front doors is tackled the use of a fan will be handy for blowing out of the house entrance way the paint fumes. Probably also light a few candles in the kitchen with the above the stove exhaust fan in action.

These actions are a big part of being able to recognize the past and to deal with the future head on.


KJV Matthew 10:28

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