Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Scraping The Front Door Frame Paint Away

This post takes you through the experience of getting to the scraping the front door frame paint away to find a really beautiful red shared wood underneath.

Firstly there was the realization that the toilet area was a secondary job. The advantage was the paint purchased for one house maintenance job [ the toilet walls] could be utilized for another job - the front entrance spruce up.

Yesterday there was a trip to Traralgon. Then half way home, on the bus, the realization that there was time between bus drop off and the next bus pick up of fifty minutes.  

Well; that space solved a time challenge as the day was getting on. One trip to the local hardware story in Morwell and voila. Paint stripper along with two spray cans of rust remover in white paint.

About four in the afternoon  the work started.

First with the final dust down of the wire framed screen door.  And of course its painting. Second was the paint stripper went on all of the wooden frame. Yet by the end of another 6 hours only one vertical board had been completely done down to basics.

The realization was that before dawn came there would be more paint stripper and scrapping needed.  Time wise, this would be, most probably until lunch time.

So once again the green paint turned into a gooey sticky, stretchable scrape off.  The white paint under that coat though was a bit different.  The brown paint bubbled really well. However, that and the green paint were weird as one stretched while the other reacted as though it melted onto the scrapper.

The basic primary coat on the wood too longer to get off the wood.  It 'felt' like this pink paint was a proper paint undercoat.

A little mineral-turpentine on the really ratty old towel found after much looking in the rag bag is now used as something to wipe down the scrapers full of muck.  That in-part soaked towel has proven to be really helpful as the scrapers are now easier to use when the blade end is clean.

The ease comes when scrapping along the side bit of the upward wood.

So far there is still a rough part around the edges.  Like a newbee has been doing this job. Nothing much that a little light sanding will correct. 

Mind you that is a tomorrows job. Along with the composting and more things achieved in the care and maintenance of the garden and plants.

It said that when you enter your chosen house door you are home for the night. gotta laugh, and smile, while you think to yourself would this be also the many times you step in, then out, and back again while you are still scrapping the front door frame paint away after midnight.

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