Thursday, 28 April 2022

There Is More To Green Waste Than Meets The Eye

Green Waste is Organic matter that helps people grow.

In a few days is the rubbish collection - then comes the green waste bin's turn the week after. 

In the meantime one of the green waste bins that came from a neighbors has already been swapped with my own one and been taken back to the neighbors.  Yeah, it is a swap and go situation that at  least allows the proceeds organic waste to reaccumulate

It's strange when Ray lived in this house there were very few neighbors that I'd feel comfortable talking too. They were after all Rays friends. Unless their children attended the community group that was run through the same group I attended. They saw us move in, our oldest son and my mother.  But no Raymond.

So, when moving into this place the garden really needed more composing than we could provide. And it needed it within that first winter. That's when it clicked.  'Green waste'. Which meant that the neighbors had to be asked could I take their bins. It meant talking to people.

Here's how things are turning out...

Literally the green waste bins would arrive here overnight. Now it's the second winter and the days before it feels comfortable just going there and removing the bins with the house owners permission … before the council turn up with their big truck. Wisk this green waste off to the green waste section of the dump. Process the trucks contents. Then resell it back to people as fertilized compost.

Ask the question

So simply by asking these people could I take the lawn clipping, this lead to chook manure, guinea pig stuff and something else, then explain why, the original 'Yes by all means' In the middle of the off and on lockdowns  this State of Victoria had, helped connect people. 

As the lockdowns happened different neighbors moved in and out. One of these neighbors mother I worked with years ago.  It's more than just one more rubbish bin of organic waste in the composts bins. It's a chance encounter that lead to memories and a sense of fulfillment.

Green Waste takeaways

That compost request has resulted in plants and vegetables going their way. Lemons and eggs coming back this way. New, and old, recipes have been tried. Tasted, loved and also shared back around the circle of neighbors'.

Amazing thing is all it is is organic matter. Decomposing organic matter that creatively changes a few neighbor's time and energy.

A most significant result

Thus one could compare the breaking down of organic matter to be similar to the breaking down of interpersonal struggles


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