Monday, 4 April 2022

Update On The Four Newest Egg Plants Survival

One Week After Transplanting

 The first few days were hair-raising.  These little eggplants were purchased very dehydrated. One long two day soak in the bath later signs of a new life energy radiated from them.

Love doing this.

Into the garden bed they went

Just checking out the newer egg plants in their bed. Noticed a little flower on the plant. Wow. 

When instinct guides You

Really have to research more before buying the throwaways from garden centers.

These egg plants are most probably planted in the wrong spot.  They are among the onions, lettuce seedlings and lots of year old parsley.  Currently with one Silverbeat plant [it's kin being spinach there could be a liking there.

There is adequate drainage.  The wind is not really windy due to the large protective fence around it. 

This year a long sprinkler hose will be in position.

Its a wait and see now 

Oops re the compost that is already there.  And then more was added.

Plus the compost and manure will have settled down.

Lean on me

Over this last season there were so many tomatoes that the dehydrator got a shock.  The height of the plants just kept on going upwards.  And then the wind got in one day.  The weight  literally bent the bamboo stakes.  

The glass topped table in the BBQ area became the resting place for the tomatoes.

Lessons were learned...

Today the wooden stakes get purchased.  Carried home on the bus.  Now that's going to be fun!

Anticipate the best outcome

The egg plants will carry on this season.  Okay a little early in there. Like one winter early and this one looks to be cold and wet. 

 Even so the stakes will be driven in and the ratty old tea towel seen will soon be cloth holding the plants up.  Once they grow that is.

Back up plan

Beans will replace the Eggplants if there is a 'need be' humbling situation.

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