Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Ants This Time Under The Dog Bowl

ANTS! This time under the dog bowl. I froze.  Put down the water bowl. And did what any normal person would do.  Groaned! 

 This post is about dealing with those ants, and the dogs looking on in wonder at their invited guests.  

On this site is a post about ants that made their home in a hanging plant at an old address. In that post camphor was mentioned as a treatment... but did I remember where I'd put the camphor?

This year there seems to be more ants popping up all over number 14.

Accepted are these factors that may have attracted these ants.

  • The dogs are burying their dinner bones outside -where and when they can.
  • There are compost bins happening out the back.
  • One worm farm out the back.
  • Erratic climate as it's been a wet season so far.
  • Plants near the house.
  • Plants growing well in the back yard [in pots]
That being the case then why are the ants under their water bowl inside near the washing machine? Or should I say why were there ants there!

The low bench top soon got washed in hot boiling water. These two twenty year old dogs looked on as though murder of their companions was being committed. Just for a moment guilt flashed over my mind.

That's when it was realized the floor had not been washed that week in the normal strong bleach clean down.

Needless to say everything around that area also got washed and bleached. 

Including the the dogs a few days later!  

In summing up this adventure with the insects and the dogs it seemed that everything had just a moment to connect together. I had forgotten that just like people, the ants would have screamed at the hot water treatment. Hence the look on the dogs faces.

Made me wonder where the ants would next appear as its gradually sliding into winter here.

But more importantly over the years, and one move into this address, the camphor needed resupply. This time the camphor will be 
  1. replaced
  2. labeled "Killer for ants." 
  3. placed in an airtight bag and 
  4. maybe not stored for ten odd years before being sort out for use.

This time the dogs will be taken out while under the dog bowl the process is done in quiet to make sure  there will be no ants in residence!

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