Thursday, 28 April 2022

Avocado Seedlings Are Popping Up

The plan is that both purchased plants along with the professional seeds, plus the ones just gathered locally to sprout, are encouraged in their growth.  Then will come the time for weeding. basically  it is known that plants sprout in favorable conditions to them. Basically the new growth give back to the soil what the last group removed in order to grow to their fullest potential.

Gardens know best what is ready to come up and in the garden here the Avocado seedlings are popping up. So far there are already four in plant pots sitting in the back yard.

There were two more Avocado seedlings that turned up. These were popped in the plastic bag with the Jerusalem Artichokes. Homeless seedlings at that stage.  

This post is a basic what to do with the seedlings that popped out of the ground.  The wrong place was to  be in my garden.  However, when you have a few people around with gardens sharing the components 

These now have a new home. The neighbor's across the road who have been suppling the chock manure and grass clippings have the enjoyment of their garden enjoying the their growth and receiving the pleasure from the garden growth cycles.

New to their knowledge base was the fact that Jerusalem Artichokes make terrific hedges. Starting when the tip comes through the ground during the sprint until they top growth finally dries up due to the cooler weather mid winter time.

As there are two the Avocado will produce many more than if there was only one lonely tree planted. Interestingly the avocado flower opens twice a day.  Once as a male and the other time as a female flower.  The only thing is there is no knowing if one of the seedlings is an "A" type and the other a "B" type.

While the plant takes a few years to really settle in the ground the fruit flowers needs to be removed. The energy then will go into the root system.  Being a surface feeder feed the plant but leave the leaf drop area of the Avocado tree free of plants. 

 That includes the grass to will try to grow up to and around the base of the Avocado plant.  Flip side of this is over the years there will happen to be less grass cuttings to pick up from this household

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