Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Dogs Forever Are Young At Heart

 Today is amazing.  Once again there was a dog walk earlier this morning.  These two twenty year old dogs, they loved it.

Right now there are two precious sound asleep dogs. Forever young at heart. There ways are set. Their needs are few. Here is a story of the first morning walk for a few days down this particular stretch of road.

Wandering around sniffing the tree trunks, grass tops.   Seeing where the councils tractors have mowed the side grassy verges.

All three of us cross the road at one place as the dogs there constantly do their job and bark a friendly hello.  They can also jump the fence.

Half way round that misty, light rain came through.  At the bottom of the hill sunshine and pee spots for the dogs.

Also the kangaroo's had been there.  Sox the golden furred one, enjoyed "after shaving himself!" with the aroma. Meanwhile expecting a belly rub.

Noticed yet another impossible property house had been constricted.  The drive way approach into the garage is a trifle odd. The owner/tenant will need to invest in a small car  just to make the sharp turn in.

Soon it was up the hill. There used to be a really easy access point to the other road. Progress ... another house has been built.

Soon the tops of the road was achieved.  The dogs are slowly slowing down.  Yet, inside them they view their world as though they are puppies.

It's just their bodies  forget that there are now a few aches and [pains.

Currently we are in the office.  They are on one of their mattresses. Sound asleep. Until there is movement from this seat.

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