Sunday, 10 April 2022

Hidden garden created for a dog

Dogs have a particular charm - but each dog live with their own behavior quirks. Yet many people are surprised at the characteristics shown by their own dogs. Especially when the dogs are spoken about while walking, or meeting other people and their dogs.

The twenty year old dog mainly spoken about in this post is a cross between a Kelpie and Long haired English Red Setter and the Southern Highland Dingo of Australia. The other dog spoken about is the first ones birth brother of the same.

Which one was born first no-one knows as that was done during the night. The mother never did reveal which one was first. She did clearly show who she favored though.  So the Ginger dog has cared after the Black and White more kelpie looking dog most of their life.

The community elders of this village allowed this dog to be cared for all these years by the family who has still are caring for these to part Dingo's, to this day.

As the years get on one brother is nearly fully blind, the other is heading that way. On walks , or in the yard the ginger one is the carer for the black and white more Kelpie type of dog. Both of these characters cheer the other up.

For a time the black and white one lived in the house that we have all moved into last year. The property 80% concreate and unless it had vehicle wheels no shade bar the car port of shade cloth.

But for fifteen years of the eighteen years of the red ones life the house was a government rental property. Lots of grass, hanging shrubs and cover amongst the trees grown. And cats! as both daughters had the cats and left them behind as well as the kelpie mother of the two then young dogs.

When the move happened from no 19 to no 14 the old tenant had ten cats. Needless to say many of these were extensively malnourished and thus extremely wild. The council loaned the traps. Collected the cats one by one. Most were repatriated through the Councils mental and physical health rehouse program.

All but one cat. This cat was simply to big for the trap door to close around him.

While humans could not get near this cat the ginger dog, Sox, could.

Over the last year the big fluffy white cat has stayed on the garage... it got locked in by mistake. As a result there were less mice in residence.  

There is one room outside not finished and the glass door cannot open or close properly.

Now sox often sits out there.  At one stage it was thought he was bussing his extra chicken drumstick [ meat and bones included]. But no. There seems to be an agreement between the two of that extra bone goes into the room. The cat is well fed I must admit.

The latest is the white cat that arrived and stayed last year when we all moved in is a friend of this dog [ called Sox]

Well, sox is often seen just sitting out the front of that open door that leads onto the wooden walkway.

The white lavender plants are potted, now placed along the garden side off the walkway, waiting for the other herbs such as Rosemary to be there as well. This combination will attract the bees for the pollination to occur of all these three little gardens.

The added benefit is sox loves flowers. Sox also enjoys 'hiding' among the plants. Thus there are as many easily accessed hidey holes as possible being created.

The pathway is kinda wide which allows for the pot plants to be placed on the house side of the walkway. Of course through 'entrances' between the potted plants is the garden where sox is encouraged to plant the chicken drumsticks so that they mature well!

Now the hide, bury and dig up later part of sox's nature is able to be catered for.

Make your life an adventure, even as you care for others within your life.


Adventures around and at home are fun.  Still enjoying it here.

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