Monday, 18 April 2022

overview of another task challenge to take up

There came a time when something snapped in that there seemed to be screech on progress in one area, yet that area widened the fruition overview of another task challenge to take up.

Blocked at every which way builds up and there is just one choice to be made. TO go forth , or not. Well the realization  that one project was not going to get done this week, lead to a shift into an older house maintenance focus area.

New experiences are like an adventure into your unknown.  At least that is what this part of the house maintenance has felt like.

This post is a precise of the expected unexpected semi end results as new skills were discovered by completing one step at a time ... before you check on the internet just how to go about the actual steps involved.

So far, on the arrival here at number 14 there was no screen door anymore. Simply it had 'gone." Thus when the actual front door was opened the people walking down, on the other side of the road or waiting at the bus stop, easily saw into the entrance way.

Now that would not have been so bad if the internal wall had been left there.  Except the owner of the house had been rennervating years before... the wall was removed.  Needless to say those reservations had not been completed.

Add to this repairs to a broken side window were nearly completed in early 2019. The window pane and panel were completely taken out. Replaced with white rows of wooden slats. Trimmed with unpainted hard wood.

Although this felt safer, the work involved in finishing this section was never finalized. The then tenant would not allow anyone near the door to finish things. Mind you where the original screen door went is still a mystery.

As it stands now people on the front porch can see straight into the toilet room. 

  • Solution: up went curtains on both sides of that hall way.
Added to this a screen door from another places reinnervation was obtained. Besides the putting of that screen door up the challenge was it did not fit.  Just by a couple of millimeters to one side!
  • Solution: Chisel the wood away and make it fit so at least the door could be open and the dogs enjoy the breeze 
    • At a later date use a sander to smooth the rough ends out from the hard wood.

Over the last few weeks the paint for the toilet wall color was purchased.  Enamel white.  Add the brushes and so forth things were going well.   But there is an area to sand,  Which sander.  Was informed the  sander was too dangerous for me to use safety.  Actually that I was unable to use the sander safely.

Well what does one do with that .... 

  • Solution.  Buy more stuff to use
    • Spray paint the screen door.
      • That worked
    • and do the front door frame
    • Not so fast ... there are bubbles on the wood work
  • Today was the time to use the paint stripper.  
    • Buy paint stripper.
  • But the day got away from the time allotted.
    • Solution: do one side before bed today and when possible the other sides tomorrow.
Well this seemed and ideal result. Small incremental steps that allow for different solutions to present themselves while you enjoy the wow factor of just this overview of another task challenge to take up.

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